Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Exclusive Scarecrow DLC Revealed

Sony has finally removed the veil of their prized Scarecrow Nightmare pack for Batman Arkham Knight that is an exclusive content for the PlayStation 4 console.

The company has been aggressive in promoting their version of the games and players on the platform are quite happy at the moment, because of the excellent exclusives and third party titles that are being delivered to them. The Batman game by Rocksteady is however coming to multiple platforms including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. But, they are looking forward to add some exclusive DLC content that will offer more value for money on the PS4 than any other platform. A glimpse of the Scarecrow character was shown during the E3 2014 conference but now the company has revealed more details with regards to this downloadable content.

Scarecrow is ready to Scare

The character made a brief appearance in the first Arkham Asylum game but was nowhere to be seen after that. The developers describe his return as, ‘Gotham, the city that Batman is trying hard to protect and had fallen victim to the toxin used by Scarecrow which panics everyone. The Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow pack pits players against this dangerous villain once again where they have to fight the masked vigilante’s rival. But, this time around, he has access to the Bat mobile and will be able to cover the entire streets in minutes to bring down Scarecrow’s thugs.’

It is to be noted that due to production delays and with a view to sophisticate the overall quality of the game, the developers have postponed the release date of the title until 2015. According to a recent Microsoft store post that listed the game for the Xbox One version, the release date is pegged in the month of February. No official confirmation has been made with regards to this date but if MS is listing it, it could most probably be true.

How Exclusives Affect the Game?

While it is good news for players who own a Sony PlayStation 4 console, it is unclear how the introduction of a new character as Scarecrow will affect the game play experience on other platforms. The two prominent villains featured in Batman Arkham Knight according to the trailer are Penguin and Riddler among others. Earlier, it was speculated that Scarecrow will be the lead villain in the game and now Sony claims they have the content all to themselves which confuses buyers on the version they should buy. Maybe, it is good news for the company which is trying to outwit their competitor but keeping a part of the game to one console is not the best way to go for the gaming industry. Let’s just hope this trend changes and publishers release the complete version of the game on all platforms, when it comes to multi-platform titles such as these. Otherwise, players will be ridden of the full experience that they deserve. An official explanation from Warner Bros is expected on this exclusivity soon!

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