Avast vs AVG vs Norton – Which is the Better Freebie in Antivirus World Today?

AVG, Avast and Norton have been properly advanced and updated for enhanced virus and malware detector.


Avast antivirus has a total user base of 17% in the market of protection services. Its own official website proclaims that users more than 200 Million use its antivirus services to protect their PC from benign and malicious attacks.

Speed of Using PC after the Scan

Avast prides itself over having all possible optimum optimizations which mean threat the program runs smooth and fast with little or no interruption or extreme hogging on the processor speed for your PC. This is an incredible factor in preference for gamers.

Scanning Personal Services

The latest updates of the Avast package include umpteen freebies. The users are allowed to scan their personal access services like e-mails and messages to ensure prime-time protection and security.


Plugins refuse to work to their best on Mac OS but Avast includes the website ratings of the plug-ins for desired website utilization. Avast is largely reviewed as resource friendly and highly reliable service.


Avast has the prominent Windows 8 highlighted design features that display larger panels to use after downloading the software. This antivirus is packed tightly and overwhelmingly with links and tabs, which renders confusion to many of its users than convenience. Users prefer lesser time consuming detailing on the software and prefer the process to be just a finger-click in the antivirus business.

Scan After Installing

Avast presents its users with an automatic scan that does not ask for their permission. The scan takes just about a few minutes but is mostly a crash report.

Software Updater

This is the ace feature of Avast and it is to trace and scan the software updated on your computer. It tracks down all possible updates and requirements for all software installed. The Update Now provides the users with a direct download from the website rather than a download pop up.

Script Malware Protection

Unlike other anti-viruses, this exclusive feature of Avast protects its users from unwanted exploits of the browser.


Its Pro version costs too much when compared to other respective Pro Versions of the Antivirus software.


2) AVG

AVG has a user following of 170 Million Users till date.

Scanning Processes

After downloading the antivirus software, AVG duly waits and asks for the user’s permission to start scanning, unlike Avast. AVG provides a very lucid and detailed report in easily comprehensible results.


AVG is designed similar to the Windows 8 features with a much better range of colorful looks and convenience for the user. It provides an interface with clear back and forward buttons.

Link Scanner

This is an exclusive feature of AVG that provides Secure Search features and options with useful additions to utilize the add-ons which help to scan your browser for suspicious and malware content. There is also an additional virus protected email scanner on its platform, Microsoft Outlook.


Too many advertisements clog the user interface of this Antivirus software. AVG also performs a low rate of detection in the case of free version. This also provides immensely slow updates for its Antivirus.


3) Norton

This Symantec product has up to five patented layered protection to detect and counter the malware, virus and spyware for its users. The latest version of this antivirus comes with a very prompt and up to date product features and updates. The controls are exclusively cloud based and it delivers updates within 5 minutes to 15 minutes during which the background checks and scans remain activated. It also takes care to line up resources necessary for your Computer.

Norton has a System Insight that shows how the files on your computer perform and its silent mode customizes to suspend the updates and alerts to better the gaming and other performance according to a user’s desire. Vulnerability Holes guards all the holes in your system’s security system to prevent all threats from sneaking into the computer. Norton also contains an emergency backup to counter deadlier viruses. The Bandwidth Management features the automatic adjustment to the system’s connectivity to 3G to prevent creating overuse of the network in one go. SONAR Behavioral Protection and Browser Protection provide a better protection for your computer.


The anti-phishing protection is one that is limited but then, you have the liberty to switch over to Norton Internet security from Norton Antivirus.

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