Apps That Can Make Free Calls

Technology keeps getting better and has developed in such a way that we can connect with virtually anyone all over the world for free.

It’s easier than ever now to contact an old friend who lives across state or someone from over the ocean. The best thing about it is that technology has allowed us to do all of this with just an internet connection. If you’re looking to save money on costly calls to landlines, then this list will help you find the best alternative internet apps that will help you cut your phone bill in half. Almost everyone has access to a wireless internet connection and after you try one of these apps, it will make connecting with friends and family a lot less costly.


Viber is one of the hottest apps right now because it allows for you to connect with friends and other contacts for free. It’s completely free to download and is available in both Android and Apple stores. With the app you can make call other users, use their text messaging system, video chat, share your location, and you can even call landlines for a fee. The difference between Viber compared to all the others on the market currently is that you have the ability to send interesting stickers and emoticons to your friends. You have the chance to bring to life a whole new personality and it’s completely fun to use.


Everyone who has done at least some sort of internet calling has used or at the very least has heard of Skype. Skype is amazing to connect with business associates and helps keep things professional with the minimal famous light blue design. You can easily share your work with your clients over Skype as well as personal photos and videos to friends and family. Skype will also let you call another Skype contact for free, but if you want to reach a landline, you will have to pay a small fee.


Another great free wi-fi calling app is Tango. Users love Tango because of its great quality and its stable service. You can also make both voice and video calls on Tango for free and you can also connect up to 50 people in a group chat. Tango gives exciting options that are fun to use for the whole family. They provide cute and fun animations and emoticons that are almost similar to Viber. Viber is also available for almost every phone operator on the market today from the top Android and Apple phones to Windows and Blackberry.

Facebook Messenger

Next on our list is the Facebook Messenger that has recently allowed free calls with its messenger service and is proving to be quite successful. If you are looking for ways to get rid of Facebook then you have a reason to stick to it still further. The undeniable advantage that Facebook Messenger features is its ubiquitous range. Since other apps require both parties to have the same application, it is more likely that about 90% people are already on Facebook. Now install the free messenger on your android phone and stay connected with your near and dear ones absolutely free of cost.

With these four app options, we know you’ll find the best app for your needs. We personally recommend Viber because of its fun environment and interface. Skype is great for business as almost every business professional uses it, Facebook Messenger and Tango is perfect to reach and contact families who want to keep in touch with their young children. Have a great time trying out these apps and happy calling!

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