Apple TV vs Roku 3 vs Chromecast – The New Age Battle of Goliath and David

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There is no better time than now to be a buyer.

With hundreds of amazing gadgets hitting the market every day, the buyers are faced with a dilemma of choosing the best one within their budgets. Having said that, there are always some handful gadgets that manage to stay atop the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Here, we discuss some of those impeccable gadgets that have forced the consumers to the end of their wits while choosing to buy the perfect streaming TV!

What Much Does It Burn Your Pocket

No matter how much we ignore it, the first thing that crosses our mind while buying a gadget is its price tag. This is where Google’s Chromecast can hold its head high. With a price tag of $35, it makes a great first impression on the users. The best thing about this price tag is that it lets you experiment considering that you won’t regret it much even if you end up making a wrong decision as it would only cost you $35.

Apple TV and Roku 3, on the other hand, come at a hefty, as compared to Chromecast, price tag of $99. While you usually associate these sorts of price tags with Apple products because of their exclusivity, Roku 3 earned the right for this price tag with a plethora of apps and an amazing speed that it offers.

Applications on Offer

In this respect, Roku 3 is a hands down winner. This device gives you access to over 1000 apps including some of the most famous channels in the market such as HBO Go, Pandora, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and many more. Moreover, the fact that Roku 3 offers lightning-fast speed will make you understand why it has been priced at $99. Chromecast, on the other hand, keeps it simple. It is best suited for people with limited needs. It gives the users access to Netflix and YouTube, which, for most users, cover the entire range. Although Apple has always been criticized for lack of applications on its devices, it would be fair to say that Apple has tried to incorporate this feedback into Apple TV. The company has recently added services such as Watch ESPN and HBO Go, which have been greatly appreciated by its users.

Other Features and Verdict

One of the most striking features that Roku 3 boasts of is its cross-platform search. The user can easily search on multiple platforms for the content that he is looking for. Although Roku 3 seems to be a standout gadget in the market, it lacks in a couple of areas; one of its major shortcomings is that it is not the best at playing personal media file of the users and the other is that it provides a relatively limited format support.

Chromecast has definitely taken the “Compact” feature to an entirely new level. It can, at best, be defined as a stick. This makes it easy to carry around, if need be.

If you are one of those who have invested and bought Apple products in the past, Apple TV would be the best choice for you. The option to access the content of all the Apple devices on the TV is one of the major USPs of Apple TV.

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