Apple iPhone 5S vs HTC One M8 – Camera Quality – Apple Wins the Round Hands Down

Both the One M8 from HTC and the iPhone 5S from Apple have the best cameras in the smartphone market today. The iPhone is a little newer than the HTC One.

The M8 makes use of UltraPixels whereas the camera on the iSight has smaller pixels, but the number of pixels is double in comparison.

Camera Specs

The 5S comes with the iSight Camera of 8 MP and a resolution of 2448 x 3264p. The pixel size is 1.5 micrometers and it has an aperture of f/2.2. The HTC camera is called a Duo camera, having 2 rear cameras. The primary lens has a 4 MP camera of 1520 x 2688 UltraPixel. The pixel size is 2.0 micrometers and the aperture is f/2.0.

The second lens in the HTC One is useful for gathering depth-related information. Both the devices come with BSI or backside illumination. The iSight runs on the iOS 7.1 having Auto HDR whereas the HTC runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2, HTC Sense 6.0.

The One M8 gives more importance to the size of the pixels and its quality rather than the number. On the other hand, the 5S has a better MP count and the aperture is also lower. This makes it faster and gives it the capability for capturing brighter shots.

Handling Light

The One M8 is unable to handle too much of bright light because of the bigger sensor and the higher aperture. However, it is better at handling white balance as compared to the iPhone 5S. The 5S is very consistent when it comes to images that have the right amount of light without over exposure.

The One M8 also does not do too well in low light conditions. The iPhone 5S is more consistent. Though the images are darker, there is less noise.

Motion Capture Comparison

In case of motion capturing features, the iPhone 5S is far better. It produces vivid pictures. Even in low light conditions, the iPhone 5S fairs better with the One M8 lagging behind.

Flash Images

The One M8 produces passable images in flash photography. However, if there is a motion involved, you can only get a blur. The iPhone 5S does a better job of balancing whites in low light conditions.It has the ability of producing natural tones and colors. The image is certainly better in flash photography when taken in the iPhone 5S.

HDR/Zoom/Panorama Comparison

The iPhone 5S also does remarkably well while balancing colors outdoors. The colors are vibrant and well balance and acutely represent the actual colors. In comparison, the One M8 is unable to do a good job while balancing environments. As for close-up shots, both the phones do equally well.

Both devices also perform equally well when comparing the digital zoom feature. However, the iPhone 5S has a higher resolution and it benefits from this feature. Colors on the iPhone 5S are sharper whereas there is a hazy effect in the One M8 pictures. Zooming in is also more in case of the iPhone 5S. This is because of the higher 4 MP resolution on the iPhone 5S.


Both the phones are able to handle panoramic photographs equally well and produce consistently good pictures. However, the iPhone 5S displays more accurate tones as well as colors than the HTC One M8 does.

Both the devices have excellent cameras but if you are finicky about color, you will probably go with the iPhone 5S. Though the HTC One M8 offers plenty of extra features, it lacks consistency offered by the Apple device. The Duo camera of the HTC is a great feature but it is just 4 MP, and though it is UltraPixel, it is a serious drawback for the resolution.

The iPhone offers more crisp and clearer pictures. Apple’s iPhone 5S definitely wins the round.

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