Amazon Fire Phone Release Date and Powerful Specs

There are rumors saying that today, the “Amazon’s Fire Phone” (this is not the official name, yet) will be launched today, June 18. We’ve heard for quite some time about Amazon’s smartphone, and some recent rumors said that this device will be finally released.

“Fire Phone” may come at today’s event from Seattle

Amazon will organize today, June 18, at 1PM (EST TIME) an event in Seattle. Even if the company didn’t tell us what’s the purpose of this event, they released a teaser trailer, showing Amazon’s customers getting very excited about a device they have in their hands. The question is: could be the Amazon’s upcoming phone in their hands?

“Fire Phone” exclusively for AT&T

In conformity with Wall Street Journal, the “Fire Phone” will be sold exclusively through AT&T. It’s not sure yet if Amazon plans to sell this smartphone unlocked or blocked in other mobile networks.

Amazon’s “Fire Phone” will come with:

3D screen and up to 6 cameras: Back in March 2014, we saw some pictures with this device, where it had some extra front-facing cameras, one on each corner of the screen. They will work with an internal gyrometer, accelerometer and other type of technology that will help the device to produce a 3D effect and it won’t require you to have 3D glasses. The device will track your face/eyes and it will adjust the position of the things from the screen as you move around.

A screen of 4.7inches: Such as many Android phones or Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, Amazon’s phone will probably come with a 4.7inch screen. As for the resolution, it is rumored that it will support 1280x720pixels.

Processor and RAM: According to BGR, it is believed that the “Fire Phone” will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM.


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