A Walkthrough for Playing Angry Birds

Birds become popular to kids and even adults.

Almost everyone have this game on their phones, tabs, computers, laptops and other gadgets. Most app stores have this game as their own top 10 selling products. Because of its ever growing popularity, Angry Birds has now branched out. You can now download different kinds of versions available on app stores.

What Can Your Bird Do?

As the creators of angry birds wanted this game to be more interesting and challenging, many different kinds of birds have been added to different versions. There are 10 different birds on the game with its own individual ability. The key to finishing each level and moving on one step ahead is: Knowing Your Bird. Once you knew about what a bird can do, then you can now learn how to use it properly. While other birds just have to be dragged and let loose, others need more taps or clicks than just drag and let go.

Calculate Your Angle

The main goal of this game is to hit the pigs on the right side. Hit them all and you win. Trial and error method is the key to this process. The first hit will be your basis for your next shot. Once you have your first try on hitting the target, you will have a better accuracy on the next shot. Don’t be afraid to change your angle. The game is designed for the bird to hit the pig at a certain angle. You may have missed once but you have unlimited lives and you can do this again. Memorize the angle and power; it is just like playing darts.

Don’t Lose Hope

You need perseverance to finish this game. Controlling your emotions will help you. Do not let your emotions ruin your game. Losing is part of the game and trying again is a must. Many players have already gone so far on high levels because of the determination they had. Creating a goal and competitiveness will be a part of you.

Go Online

You may have tried over and over again and just couldn’t make it through the same level. Asking some friends who had already finish this certain level may help and if no friend is available, you can always go on the web. Just go to YouTube and search for the certain level you cannot finish. There are lots of videos you can watch to help you with that certain level. Of course, you cannot copy their exact angle but you will have an idea on what angle to release your bird and at the same time on how strong the power should be. This is also one way on familiarizing yourself on the proper use of your bird. You might have been using your bird the wrong way all this time and might also be the reason why you were not able to finish the game. As an advice, do this only when you really cannot overcome a certain level. Searching the web all the time will lead to no challenge at all.

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