A Brief Guide to Single Use Subway Surfers Power Ups

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If you play Subway Surfers often enough, you will know that you cannot play the game without using power ups every now and then.

These power ups help you reach the goal of your game faster and beat the levels more easily. These power ups can be picked up while you are playing and will definitely have some impact on whether or not you are successful in your game. Here we will tell you about the single use power ups you can use, in this endless running game.


The hoverboard is by far the most common and useful power up you can receive in the game. As long as you have this, you will be able to save yourself from a lot of falls and obstacles. Though you can earn a lot of these while you are playing the game, you can also purchase them through the game store. A hoverboard costs only 300 coins and is a must buy especially during tricky situations. You will find them very handy in completing certain missions. All you have to do is double tap on the screen and your hoverboard will be activated. If you hit an obstacle, you do not die – you simply lose your hoverboard and get back to running.

Mystery Box

You can collect mystery boxes while you are playing the game. These are usually filled with parts of some relic which would be required to unlock limited edition goodies. Sometimes, these boxes also come filled with things that could make your game much easier for you. There are tiers of rarity, and some prizes come more rarely in these boxes than others. They can be collected while on a run, or you can purchase them in the shop for 500 coins.

Score Booster

You can increase your score with a score booster in every run. This is a 5 multiplier, which multiplies everything you collect with 5. This is a great booster, albeit an expensive one. If you already have a lot of hoverboards, you can easily purchase this power up on a run where you intend to beat high scores and collect a lot of coins. This booster is not available on your run, and you can only purchase it from the store for 3,000 coins.

Mega Headstart

This power up can be used at the beginning of each level. It gives you a headstart of about 1,000 meters on your run. It can be a very useful power up for completing all kinds of missions. Once you have purchased them, you can see them in the bottom left corner of your screen. All you have to do is to tap them and they will be activated. You will be able to skip the first 1000 meters of your level and then start your journey from the 1001 meter mark. The power up cannot be collected, but can be purchased from the store for 2,000 coins. This is also a more expensive power up, but one that is worth buying when you are trying to complete a level.

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