9 Crucial Features WhatsApp Offers That You Have Been Missing

WhatsApp Messenger is a free application that gives you a chance to send quick messages with photographs and features from your cell phone, bypassing your network provider’s SMS and MMS charges.

After a year of utilization, you pay $1 every year to continue using it. WhatsApp is not constrained to sending content based messages with a few smileys and others. It has a considerable number of abilities.

1. WhatsApp Voice Messages

WhatsApp allows for a moment of voice recording that can be sent to another person. This gimmick permits a brisk recording of your voice and sends it to the recipient. This incredible gimmick has been presented in the most recent WhatsApp Application from 4.0.

2. WhatsApp Conversation History Sharing

Assume you have discussed on something extraordinary with somebody and you want to share this entire discussion with someone else. You can email the entire discussion history saved by WhatsApp by means of email.

3. Modifying WhatsApp visit wallpaper

You need not use the background provided by WhatsApp as your wallpaper all the time. You don’t have to have the same exhausting wallpaper when you can change it to any background picture you like.

4. Make back-ups of your WhatsApp discussions

At times, there are those discussions which you might want to keep. WhatsApp allows you to create backups for such discussions.

5. Utilize the Enter key to send WhatsApp messages

The Enter Key is an exceptionally helpful trick in WhatsApp. More often, we compose ceaseless lines and it is not frequent to break the lines by pressing enter. You can utilize this enter key to send the message immediately.

6. Make Alternate Ways to WhatsApp Discussions

There are those people you chat with frequently. It can be very inconveniencing for you to keep on opening your WhatsApp application each time you get message alert. To deal with such a problem, you can create a shortcut that opens up on your screen when your friends leave a message. This is also important when you are discussing issues with friends, you need not to open and wait when you can simply click and get into chatting.

7. Send a Great Deal of Information in Many Forms

If you have been using WhatsApp for sending simple texts, then you have been missing out on so much fun. The designers and programmers of the application took time in making an application that can allow you to do more than that. You can send multiples pictures, features, contacts and even physical addresses with it.

8. Update Your WhatsApp Status

You can set your own individual message as your status which may inform individuals concerning what you are doing now and what you are up to. You can also use this option tell them that you are not available to chat at the moment. This will show up under your name in other individuals’ WhatsApp screen display.

9. Send Messages to Many Different People

In the event that you need to send the same message to more than one individual, you don’t have to send them solely. You can utilize the telecast peculiarity of WhatsApp.

Now you have it all! If you thought WhatsApp was just an ordinary application for simple chats, then you need to think outside the box. For just $1 dollar a year, you can keep in touch with your friends, family and business associates in this platform.



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