6 Ways to Personalize your WhatsApp Experience on your Android Phone

The WhatsApp Messenger is the preferred app for millions of people who wish to exchange messages for free of charge.

The days when sending text messages have long gone, only to be replaced by minute to second updates from contacts. But did you know there is more to WhatsApp than asking your friend “what’s up?”? The following six WhatsApp features will help you personalize your chat experience on your Android phone:

1) Wallpaper

Are you tired of staring at the same boring wallpaper on your chat screen? Why not jazz it up by adding a nifty background? Simply select “Wallpaper” in your chat menu. You have the option of choosing a photo from your phone or select one from the hundreds of options in your WhatsApp Wallpaper app.

For iOS users, select ‘Conversation Settings’ from Setting, and select ‘Chat Wallpaper’.

2) WhatsApp Profile Photo

What better way to personalize your WhatsApp than by adding your photograph to your chat profile. Simply go to Settings, and select Profile. Choose the existing image and then select a snap you would like to use. You can choose from the images you already have on the phone or one from your phone’s camera. The image you choose will show up as your profile pic on your contacts’ phones.

3) Send More Than Text

Unlike with text messages, WhatsApp enables you to exchange other media such as videos, pictures, voice messages, contacts, and even your geographic location. The next time you are on a vacation, send your message with an actual click of the place where you are staying!

4) WhatsApp Status

Are you having a bad day, and just don’t want to bothered by phone calls? WhatsApp is a great, albeit polite way of letting your contacts know that you can’t (or won’t) come to the phone right now. You can simply indicate your status by selecting ‘Status’ which appears near your name.  You may choose from the list provided, or get creative with your message! Your status message along with your profile will automatically update and show up in your contacts’ list.

5) Create WhatsApp Phone Shortcuts

If you are a WhatsApp addict, then you are probably irritated by having to launch the app each time you want to communicate with any of your contacts. Android users can now create conversations shortcuts which will be visible on the home screen. You will no longer have to relaunch the application to start your conversation. Simply tap the icon with your contact’s name. To enable this feature, select ‘More’ from the chat menu, and select ‘Add Conversation Shortcut’.

6) Save Received Photos

Each time you send a video or image on WhatsApp, it remains saved on your device, in your images folder. On your Android phone, you can see these images in the Gallery. This will enable you to share your photographs on various social media sites.

Your WhatsApp is more than a chat medium. It can help you express your individuality, while broadening your outreach.

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