3 Reasons for WeChat’s Popularity Spike

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WeChat has taken the social messaging world by a storm.

After enjoying huge popularity as Weixin in China, where it was initially launched, WeChat has moved out of the country and is now available to the entire world. The unprecedented growth of social messaging apps has given WeChat a great boost and helped it captivate a large number of people because of its easy interface and features, which differentiate it from other similar platforms. The top three features which are the major reasons for the surge in the popularity of WeChat are discussed below.

The “Shake” Feature

This is a highly unique feature which puts WeChat miles ahead of other apps and has helped it become a major crowd puller. It enables the users to chat with other people randomly, simply by shaking their phones. The app automatically connects two shaking phones, which may be located in different parts of the world, and then allows the two parties to talk to each other, without the requirement of any other details. This one-of-its-kind feature intrigues users and curiosity, in turn, breeds interest. Therefore, it is fast gaining attention, allowing its users a chance to socialize in a much better way and find new friends around the globe, without remaining restricted to one’s circle of friends. WeChat is greatly loved by the users and has succeeded in attracting millions who want to socialize with unknown folks without disclosing much of their personal details. By making it possible with the shake-shake feature, WeChat stands out in the crowd of today’s apps.

Innovative Emoticons and Stickers

WeChat was the first app which came out with innovative stickers and emoticons and the other apps just followed trend and improved on it. This makes WeChat different from other apps. A huge range of stickers are available with the list getting upgraded every day and new stickers being added regularly. This service is free up to a certain extent and chargeable thereafter. But this does not prevent users from availing the fun as it is very creative and makes the conversation pretty interesting. Moving emoticons and innovative stickers entice people to use minimum words and maximum emotions, thus conveying more with less. This is better than the plain text messaging which becomes monotonous after a while. Animated emoticons have pushed WeChat towards the pole position in the instant messaging world and have helped it attract millions of users.

The “Nearby” Feature

This feature helps the users to search other WeChat users who live nearby and chat with them. With the help of a GPS function, it finds other WeChat users nearby. This allows the users to connect with people in their locality with whom they wouldn’t have otherwise socialized or explored connections. Undoubtedly, it is a great idea as it brings people closer and helps expand one’s social circle, rather than limiting itself to just random chatting with known or unknown people on the World Wide Web.

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