You Need to Upgrade from Google Talk to Google Hangout Now

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By now, you have most probably known that Google Talk has long since been replaced by Google Hangouts in 2013. Updating to Google Hangouts is fairly simple. You just have to click on the small arrow found on the left side of your Gmail inbox and a drop down menu of several options can be seen. Choose and click on “Try the new hangouts” at the top of the menu. Just like that and you’re already using the new Google Hangouts. Reluctant to Change Chat App If, for some reason, you don’t want to make this change, or you still don’t know that a new alternative exists, you should be aware that the Google Hangouts has more features than Google Talk. You might be reluctant to make the big step in updating to Hangouts because, let’s face it, Google Talk was a popular chat app and there may be doubts in your mind whether the new chat app will be able to provide the same service. Google Hangouts has more Features The answer is yes. Google Hangouts offers the same, if not better, service. It’s even better if you’re using the chat app on your mobile because Google Hangouts can be independently downloaded to your device at the same time as using it in your Gmail inbox. There’s still a version of Google Talk than can be downloaded but the service is not the same as Hangouts. Advantages of Google Hangouts For instance, the app for Google Talk is only available for chat. You can’t send voice messages or even video call with your friends. Google Hangouts, on the other hand, allows you to do more than chat. You can send voice messages, photos, and stickers to add more fun to your chat. You may also choose to video call your friends if you find chatting too mainstream for your taste. What’s even better is that Google Hangouts allows you to group video call with up to 9 people, all for free. This is something that you can’t find in most chat apps. Use Hangouts in Different Google Platforms Another feature of Google Hangouts is the ability to carry over messages across your Google platforms. This means that if you’re using Google Hangouts in your Gmail inbox and need to step out with just your mobile phone, you may still continue with your conversation using your mobile and the messages will appear on your phone. One of the disadvantages of the new Hangouts is that you cannot set a status, so your contacts won’t be able to know if you’re away or not. Update Now You may choose not to update to Google Hangouts but not doing so could create some problems. Because Google Hangouts is the new version, some of its functions will not be available in Google Talk. As an example, you cannot join in a group chat with your friends who are using Google’s new chat app if you’re still using the old version. You will be asked to update to Hangouts before you can participate in the chat.

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