Wider, Older Skype vs Younger, Bolder Tango

Today, the world has bounced off from text to audio to video, all in a wink as all our Smartphone and regular phones display the mentioned options.

The notable adversaries in the category of video calling are evidently, Skype and Tango. With the alternative in-built in almost every Smartphone or other phones to avail the video calling facility, the parameters that influence the decision to use are no longer just the calling cost and network stability.

Accessibility, Availability and Quality

Both the applications let you avail the video calling facilities almost equally free but digging deeper, the determining parameters to cite the brighter side of each, we should look into how many devices can access the services.

Tango is compatible only with Androids, iOS, Windows Phone and Desktops, while on the other hand, Skype’s ten year long hard work has made it available on all devices capable of video calling facilities. This is a vital reason for the uneven customer database for each. It still does not give an upper hand to Skype as Skype has a lower ease of availing the services than Tango, which promises and renders smooth video calling and stabilizing abilities that lets you bounce in between the voice or video call and vice-versa, according to your preference, all the while on your original call.

Comparatively, Skype’s assurance and service rendering shows it’s disproportionate and poor connecting abilities. Hence, quality wise, Tango is way over Skype.

Syncing, Chatting and Rating

All the applications on your Smartphone, tablet and other internet availing devices are inter connected to your preferred social networking identity and virtual life. It is more than a convenient necessity to ease us into the luxury of buying more time and less stress.

Skype dominates in this aspect over Tango as Skype has bought links and blends with all your social platforms within a click. On the other hand, Tango does not support any aspects of this feature. But, Tango can easily add your contacts to your respective account unlike Skype.

Skype supports the SMS service and the chat client while Tango is solely a video calling app that lacks the basic texting capabilities. This draws us back to the convenience factor to reduce undue stress and ease our luxury rather than burdening all the same. Rating on Google Play shows that Skype has a Feedback rating of 4.0 with 3 Million users while Tango is steadfast with a 4.3 rating and 1 Million Users.

Hope for Future

Skype is expected to update its services sooner, whereas Tango keeps updating and overcoming its mishaps much faster than its rival. Skype is primarily trying to overcome its inefficiencies and re-capture the Android Market which is domineered by Tango. On the other hand, Tango is also expected to expand its webs and conquer the Desktop and other devices in order to out power Skype in the Video Calling Scenario.

The figures show the strenuous progress the young tango is making to overcome the older Skype. In the future, it would all depend on who is stronger to add, guarantee and render the smoother, faster and stronger a service.

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