Why Google Maps Is Not Just Another Navigation Tool?

When you need to find your way in an unknown place, the most reliable choice that you are likely to use is Google maps.

We are all fond of Google maps since a long time, simply because of the ease it has to offer.

Of late, Google has been bringing in plenty of new changes for maps and diversifying its use even further. Gone are the times when people used Google maps merely for finding the right directions. There is a lot more that you can do with maps these days. Here, we will list some of the new features that you can use and make the most out of Google maps.

Stunning Images with the Satellite View

When you are choosing to opt for the satellite view, you will be able to get some of the finest images and this definitely adds a new layer when using maps. It is much more than being yet another navigation software. If you are using maps for the sake of exploring the details of a place, looking at the satellite image is sure to work wonders.

The Drunken Train Feature

This is the latest addition to the feature list of Google maps. Google maps will not only tell you the routes you can take for the sake of reaching home, but at the same time, it will also tell the latest time, up to which, you can make the trip. This will especially be of help for those who tend to party late till night and end up finding themselves without a train and thereby stranded. As you will have the details at your fingertips, you can choose to party accordingly. Further, Google has also rolled in the feature of lane guidance for those who prefer cars to trains. In order to ensure greater safety, there is Uber integration as well.

Further, you can search the restaurants and bars that would remain open during the time slot you want to party. All these features definitely come in handy for those who tend to party late into the night. Looks like Google is taking care of one and all.

Your Own Tour Guide

Just like we have told before, Google Maps is no longer merely a navigation device. If you are touring a place and you want to be acquainted with the details, statistics and facts about the place, you can count on Google Maps to act like your virtual tour guide. Confused? With the help of the new feature, quick facts, Google maps will actually offer information regarding some of the top landmarks and buildings.

Google actually pulls data from its knowledge graph and feeds it into the Maps which allow it to channelize the information to the users when they want. In this way, you will be able to get some important information about the places of interest readily right from the maps itself. The facts can come in handy when you are touring as they may be laced with important details. The amount of information that you will obtain will definitely vary as it depends upon the database that is present. However, it looks likely that the knowledge base will continue to grow in the upcoming times.

These are some of the key features that make Google Maps one of the top most app and the most recommended choices among one and all. There may be countless other navigation apps, but none of them can offer what Google Maps have been offering so far.
You should use it yourself to explore the full details of how you too can benefit with its use.

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