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With the passage of time and advancements in technology, modification has been seen in every field.

Distances have been reduced and communication has become faster and easier. Phones are now ‘smart’ with various applications that are beyond our imagination. Be it the ease of accessing Internet or communicating with a friend, everything has become quicker and easier with the modern applications launched from time to time.

One such ubiquitous mobile messaging service is WhatsApp. Launched in 2009, the application has grown so fast that around half a billion people around the world are Whatsapp users. Whatsapp is a better SMS alternative which allows users to chat over Internet from anywhere in the world without incurring any charges other than cost of your mobile data connection. It is a cross-platform mobile application which is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. If you are among the other half who do not have this application, here are some features of WhatsApp which may persuade you to download this free application immediately.

Amazing Real Time Texting

WhatsApp allows immediate transfer of messages showing notifications like successful delivery and when the user is typing. A tick sign gets attached to every message showing that the message has been delivered from your end while a double tick ensures the receipt of the message at the other end. You can even see when your friend has signed in his account lastly.

Share Multimedia Messages

It has been possible to exchange photos, videos, audios and locations within seconds with your friends and contacts. WhatsApp lets you to share your images and videos even to long distances in a few seconds without incurring any extra costs. Be it a tour, a marriage or at hostel, you can share every moment of your life with your family and friends with WhatsApp.

Group Chat

Why spend huge bucks for group conferencing over phones or meet up regularly to share your precious moments with tons of your friends, when you can download this smart application For free? You can enjoy group chats on WhatsApp by adding up several numbers of contacts in a group. Indeed several groups can be made at a time with same, different or combination of contacts depending upon your ease and comfort level with different friends.

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs to download and use this application. Once downloaded, it just uses the internet connection available to your phone. It is free for the first year and from the next year, only $0.99 USD/per year is charged.

Future Embellishments in WhatsApp

As Facebook has purchased WhatsApp, there are lots of expectations from the users for new features in the application. And in a short while, you will see several additions relating to your privacy and ease of communicating. These include hiding the ‘last seen’ timestamp, adding up a camera shortcut for sending the photos quicker and ability to pay for a friend’s WhatsApp service. More privacy settings regarding profile photo and status will be added. Voice calling facility would also be added without any extra costs.

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