What’s Really Happening with Your WhatsApp Free Download?

WhatsApp has been in the news for quite some time, and let’s face it – everybody loves WhatsApp.

The once exciting messaging services, like BBM – which were the lifeblood of social messaging, no longer remain exciting and have been foreshadowed by the much superior WhatsApp interface. However, WhatsApp has been all over the news for its recent buy-over by Facebook. Here are some reasons why that was really a wrong move.

Was WhatsApp Really Wrong?

A lot of people would say that Jan Koum and Brian Acton’s decision to sell WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion was perhaps the best decision of their life. However, come to think of it, WhatsApp has been a brand on its own, and Facebook needed it more than WhatsApp needed Facebook. The Founders of WhatsApp took a really simple idea and turned it into pure gold. Not many could have done what they did in just four years. To have built something this simple into something that grand was pure genius. The WhatsApp’s business model was great and it was really going strong, so the idea of selling doesn’t quite sit well.

Why the Decision Was Wrong?

Jan and Brian are still very young, and may have many more brilliant ideas in their lives, but so far WhatsApp was a great idea and it is a good possibility, that they may never have another idea as great as this. Everyone thinks that a better idea would just come around, but only one in a million ideas gets this successful. So maybe the decision to sell was really very rash and premature. The founders still had time to develop the app a little more and cash in on it a little more.

Could WhatsApp Have Sold for More Money

WhatsApp grew from a simple idea in a lab, to a multibillion user app. In 2012, Facebook offered $2 billion to the developers to sell the app to it. They refused then and worked for two more years to grow the app. During this period, the number of daily active users soared exponentially, and Facebook decided to up its bid by a whopping $17 billion. Imagine what WhatsApp could have done in another 5 years. Maybe they could have gotten a much bigger check for their company had they tried to build on it some more. In fact, they may have just decided not to sell it at all.

There are Other Apps Too

WhatsApp is a huge hit, but let’s face it; there are many other messaging services that are much more innovative. Line and WeChat, for instance, have an eCommerce angle to them, which makes them much more interesting for users. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to just hold on to WhatsApp and try to build on the platform to make it better and more useful? That would have certainly meant that WhatsApp could remain a frontrunner in the free messaging world for a long time to come. Now, there is no knowing what the app’s future is going to be and there is a much higher likelihood of other apps challenging it a lot.

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