Waze – The Florida Department of Transportation Shake Hands with Waze to Outsmart Traffic Inconveniences

The Google owned Smartphone application Waze that is used for navigation and overpowering the usual traffic hurdles has now made its mark on the government authorities by merging with the former to provide better commute and transportation service.

FDOT (The Florid Department of Transportation) has shook hands with Waze to render a real-time service to the vehicle owners to dodge difficult traffic times and to provide a zillion different routes to re-route and reduce the traffic problems in the area.

Services to be provided – How

Waze is an exclusive navigation application provided from Google to serve the moving Public in the crucial and nerve wracking hours of traffic to provide options and alternatives to reach their destinations faster by using the feedback and data from the zillion moving masses and drivers. It titles its drivers as ‘Wazers’ and collects uniformly the data regarding the road piling ups, hazards, construction mishaps to rebuild and redefine their GPS route maps en route. Altogether, the information collected is then used to calculate fastest option to reach a specified destination for a user. Waze has oddly around 50,000,000 and more users globally. It is available for download on iTunes, Google Play store or directly from the website: www.waze.com

FDOT has kept in its responsibility, the safety and security of its citizens to procure a healthy and foolproof action plan for the vulnerable times like the recent flooding, weather mishaps and other natural disasters in the State. Waze and FDOT are supposedly exchanging their licensing powers to provide crucial and adequate data to each other to enhance the public and private transportation.

The main informational data includes, the weather emergencies, closing and opening times of the bridges, traffic incidents, Road Closure data, Congestion, Accidents, Segment travelling time and alternatives in case of aforementioned emergencies.

Now, Florida 511 and FL%11.com, the FDOT emergency access number and website provides its citizens with bilingual traffic related updates in English and Spanish, detailed reports and updates for the routes and road maps, Traffic jams, congestion, traffic camera views and travelling time.

Future Promise

The information exchange is reported to be costing no extra monetary equivalents to both the State and the Google Application respectively. The application Waze also will now have the bettered background data provided by FDOT that can be availed by downloading the same. The sensors, cameras, radars and connectivity are all set to provide any disruption or speculated devices or bodies in the Roads to be spotted and picked up immediately to provide sufficient information to the citizens about the impending danger or hindrance.

Waze has taken the responsibility to better the data collected by F 511 to provide a real and in-time service to the people of this state to avail traffic incident notifications at the right timing. With the proper internet infrastructure and prompt usage of the same, Florida inhabitant will be able to hop past all the natural, accidental, man-made, congestion disasters very significantly in the coming weeks. The government authorities have confirmed the approval of this sensible symbiotic relationship to ensure progress and peace of the state. Google applauds the state for its right decision availed in proper time.

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