Watch Dogs Gives Trouble To PS4 Players, PC Patch Coming Soon

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While there are reviews about Watch Dogs in every corner of the internet, there’s more criticism on the problems it caused than the actual game.

First, it was a PR stunt by an Ubisoft studio that went horribly wrong and the police were called in to solve the issue. If you haven’t heard about it yet, the news is right here! A group of publication relations representatives decided to make the game unique and sent a package with a ticking timer inside.

Bad PR Stunt

The people at the newspaper office assumed it could be some kind of a bomb threat because they were the first ones to receive it and no other media received it at that time. Assuming it to be a timer in motion, they called the police who landed in their office with a bomb squad only to find that it was just a safe with a copy of the game inside. This was nothing to laugh about because the situation went out of hand and the PR reps had not anticipated that. Eventually Ubisoft had to send an apology note to the press, stating that such things will not happen in the future.

Nvidia’s Play In Below Par Performance

The issue continued with the PC version of the game which had serious underperformed and didn’t run as intended even on ultra-powered gaming rigs. Players who were using AMD graphic cards had additional issues including lags, frame rate drop, stuttering among many others. The developers at AMD slammed Nvidia for introducing their new frameworks system which encourages game developers to tweak games for better performance on Nvidia cards. In other words, it may not perform as well as intended on AMD cards which is seen as an attempt to thwart competition in the graphic cards market. Besides this, people couldn’t run the game in ultra-settings even on a Titan card or AMD 290 which seriously annoyed them to the core. This led to a lot of slamming of the company in steam reviews where players also discussed another annoying error which prevented them from logging into their Uplay account. Watch Dogs now has enough complaints than compliments which Ubisoft has promised to fix with a PC patch scheduled for an early release.

The grass is always greener on the other side or it was what PC gamers assumed! The game was supposed to be flawless on PS4 and Xbox One consoles but a new hurdle has come up for PS4 players. The game was supposed to download a 3.4 GB file after which it will become playable. But, when players try to launch the game, it shows as installation under progress and doesn’t move on to the launch screen. A large group of players submitted this complaint in the PS4 forum which is now being looked into. Watch Dogs is off to a good start and has received some good reviews but it didn’t satisfy the high expectations that Ubisoft’s marketing team set on the title. If the issues could be fixed, it might become a decent game to look forward to but it doesn’t have the potential to be the next Assassin’s Creed.

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