Watch Dogs – 5 Must Do Things In The Open World Title

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The most anticipated game from Ubisoft has finally landed!

Watch Dogs has opened to mixed reviews with a group of gamers claiming that it didn’t meet the hype generated while others say it is worth the hacking element incorporated into it. The game is definitely fun to play and if you are planning to buy a copy or if you have a copy already, make sure to try some of these important features that make it unique when compared to other open world, shooting titles.

Hack into Cameras

While there is always the option to go head to head with gun toting enemies, the best way is to jump through cameras. Aiden, the protagonist of the game has the capability to easily move from one camera to another within a building. He doesn’t need to be physically present and everything can be done using his cell phone. Just hack into one camera and any other cam that is spotted can be jumped into. You can activate explosives by looking through this network which will allow you to kill most of your enemies before you walk into the building. This is one of the fun filled activities that the game has to offer. Don’t miss it at any cost because it helps the title stand apart from GTA 5 among other similar games.

Ride a Bike

Compared to other open world, action games, Watch Dogs lacks in terms of drivability and doesn’t offer the best experience. But, there is always an option available. The game handles its bike physics quite seriously, which makes it easy to navigate around the city and complete missions. It is much more convenient, small, and can be easily steered in the desired direction. Besides, you can activate traffic signals or road blockers on the go while whizzing past obstacles on a bike. This cannot be done using a car!

Activate an Explosive

Virtually activating an explosive is a relatively new concept introduced to gamers through Watch Dogs. They are detonated while the person is still holding them in their hands or have it enclosed within their coat sleeve. It is great to clear off a group of enemies at once but sometimes they might also be clever enough to throw it away before the time could end. Either way, the explosion will disrupt the group, giving your more time.

Hunt a Hacker

This is one among the multi-players modes that is worth a mention. Your job is to make use of the cameras to hunt down your enemy hacker, which is another human player. It will be much more difficult compared to computer AI, but all the more fun when you hack them. It is the only multi-player mode worth trying.

Be a Spider – Watch Dogs offers multiple mini-games and one of them allows you to be a spider. Create havoc in the city by going on a rampage and destroy everything in sight. The crazy mini-game might remind you of Saints Row series if you are familiar with the title.

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