Viber Added Cool Features with Latest iOS Update

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Viber has recently updated its iOSapp, Viber 4.2. The app went for a complete makeover of its user interface for iOS 7.

It also adds new features that make the app more worthy to try. Viber is a popular messaging service, with over 105 million active users, that has made so many lives easier since it was launched. Because of Viber, distance is not a big problem anymore, mobile credits are becoming less and less irrelevant, and that communication is much better.

Supports Multiple Multimedia Sharing

Earlier, we had to go back and forth to send multiple photos or videos to our contacts, but now, with its latest update, Viber allows you to send up to 10 photos or videos at once. On the chat window, just tap the + button at the bottom, and you can choose whether to send photos from your gallery or take photos instead. If you choose to send those from your camera roll, you can select 10 by tapping the photos or videos one by one. You may also add a description for each of the photo and video you selected.

Block the Unwanted Contacts

When someone downloads Viber on their device, your number will be automatically downloaded or saved on their Viber contacts if it is already saved on their mobile, regardless if you have their numbers or not. This person is free to contact you even if you don’t wish to be contacted by that person, but that was before. You can now block these people from your list and even those you don’t know. Viber’s privacy has really taken the next level with this new ability to block people from bothering you. No more strangers or creepy callers in the middle of night for you.

Send Longer Video Messages

Perhaps you wish to upload a new video to your YouTube account but don’t know if people will like it or not. Come to think of it, there will always be people who will like and dislike whatever you upload, but still, if you are not confident enough and if you want to ask the opinion of your friends or family, you may send your video to them. You don’t have to worry about it being cut shorter because you can now send up to three minutes worth of video on Viber – also a good idea if you wish to send your partner a long, sweet video message for your anniversary.


Updates with bug fixes are always worthy of our time, and yours too. Apps are not entirely perfect, just like Viber, and this is where these bug fixes come in. With bug fixes and the latest addition to the features, Viber made a wise decision in updating their iOS app. This is the first update the company has made after its acquisition by Rakuten, one of Japan’s largest internet companies. Cyprus-based Viber was acquired for $900 million last February. Rakuten seeks to make Viber the “world’s number 1 internet services company.

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