Viber 4.0 – Things You Need to Know About Your Free Download

Viber is one of the most popular free messaging and calling app, and it has grown very popular in the recent times.

This new VoIP service can drastically cut down your mobile phone bills into half. Since Viber can be used to make both voice and video calls, it is a great app to have when you do not want to spend too much money on your phone. With the latest upgrade, Viber 4.0 comes with a lot of additions and new features. With this new feature, Viber comes really close to becoming the greatest rivals of their biggest competition Skype. Here’s what you can do with your all-new Viber.

Make Calls to Landlines and Mobiles

Voice and video calls from one Viber user to another, has always been free of cost but with the Viber 4.0 update, Viber introduced calling to other landlines and mobiles that did not have Viber installed on them. This service, called Viber Out is a brand new service that comes at a premium, but still is cheaper than the official rates for mobiles. These rates are only dependent on the area you are calling, so whether you are calling a landline or mobile, you will be charged a fixed rate on your Viber Out Service, depending on whether your call is local or international. As compared to the phone service markets, the VoIP rates are very competitive, and since there is no difference between the charges on landlines and mobiles, the VoIP market is able to close a huge gap as well.

Calling Rates

One of the most interesting things about the rates Viber has introduced is that if you are calling a landline phone in the United States of America, from any corner of the world, you will be able to call free on your Viber app. However, the mobile phone calls are slightly more expensive and you will be charged about 2 cents per minute – which is almost as good as a free call. This alone is a great reason why people prefer using Viber for making international calls at throwaway prices. Not many services allow unlimited free calls to any non-VoIP numbers, but since Viber does that, it is extremely preferable and people all over the world love it.

The Push and Talk Feature

With its update 4.0, Viber also introduced a brand new feature – push and talk. This feature has also been introduced in rival WhatsApp. This feature allows users to push a mic icon to talk and record messages. As soon as you release the button, your message will be sent over to your contact, who can then listen to it and reply accordingly. This brand new innovation changed the way communication occurred over smartphones. More and more apps tried to use this feature.


Stickers were another major feature introduced with this update. With Viber 4.0, the company created new avenues for revenue generation. Viber offers a sticker market, with a lot of animated stickers on sale. Most of these stickers are free on desktop, but if you want to use them in your text messages through your smartphone, you should be willing to pay some money for it. Though this new feature didn’t add to the VoIP communication world, it surely added some spice to using Viber – especially for those who used it for text messaging as well.

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