Uncharted 4 – Why Sony will reveal it for PS4 at E3 2014?

The console war is heating up at a rapid pace and it looks like Microsoft is not going to easily give up to the great success witnessed by Sony’s PS4.

Exclusive titles always played an integral role in selling the machines. The console is going on a great run and has sold over seven million copies around the globe while Xbox One is lagging behind at four to five million shipped. The game was in favor of Sony so far but their competitor has now upped the ante already.

They have decided to ditch the controversial Kinect controller and reduce the price of the Xbox One to $399 which now pits it directly against the PS4. At the same price point and with almost equal hardware power, it is evident that only exclusive titles can now help keep their product on top of the line and encourage gamers to buy it. As their competitor has already announced their most powerful exclusive of all time, ‘Halo 5: Guardians’, it is time for Sony to show off ‘Uncharted 4’ without a doubt during upcoming E3 2014 conference!

The Best Title Ever

Even though, ‘The Last of Us’ has hogged the limelight in recent times, ‘Uncharted’ and ‘God of War’ are the two titles that made PS3 so popular in the past. These games could easily help Sony reach the masses again with the PS4. It is time to show them off because the more they delay, the higher the market share will become for Xbox One. With the price decrease and some impressive exclusives, Microsoft may lure audience to their side which is supposed to be competed at an early stage. Going by the market scenario and the aggressive promotions from competition, Sony should reveal their big guns in the upcoming gaming conference.

There are rumors already which speculate that it will not only be ‘Uncharted 4’ but there will be a ‘WipeOut’ game, ‘God of War’ as well as a teaser for the upcoming sequel based on ‘The Last of Us’. As they are just claims, you can’t believe them to be completely true; but some of them are set to happen without a doubt. Sony is set to go on stage after all the companies complete their announcements including Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft.

The quality of the game should be maintained at par levels even though some key executives from Naughty Dog have left the studio after the ‘Last of Us’ got released. ‘Uncharted 4’ has great potential with its amazing story telling experience and game play features. The executive producer of the game confirmed the same and added that it will be superior in terms of graphics, supported by the powerful hardware used in the PS4 console. The industry trend indicates that Sony is about to have an impressive game line-up this E3 so as to stay ahead of the competition. It is good news for gamers who will get the best games and start putting their new hardware to good use.

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