Uncharted 4: News, Rumors and More

If you aren’t familiar with it already, Uncharted is one of the hottest exclusive PlayStation action adventure games.

Similar to the infamous Tomb Raider, the game features a male protagonist who goes through various challenges to get tomysterious treasures, while uncovering hidden historical mysteries. Currently a successful trilogy has been released with the second game being the highest rated oin the series and is the third highest rated gfor PlayStation 3 console, according to ratings in Metacritic. However, with little to no information about the upcoming Uncharted 4 game, which is to be released for the PlayStation 4, fans are left wondering at what it might be. Much like with every highly anticipated game, there are a ton of rumors and speculation about Uncharted 4. However, what is certain about this upcoming game and when will we learn more about it?

Exclusive for the PlayStation 4

The only official information that has been released by Naughty Dog about Uncharted 4 is a short teaser. Revealed at November 14, 2013, the teaser didn’t show much about the game, but it has been said that the game will hit shelves exclusively for PlayStation 4. However, this announcement didn’t come as a surprise as the release of the game is expected in late 2014 or 2015. That being said, a PlayStation 3 release has been off the speculation boards for quite a while, seeing how the Naughty Dog development strategy has always been to release games for the newest PlayStation console availablin the market.

New Characters

The new Uncharted 4 teaser was voiced over by Todd Stashwick. Although very little information about the new characters was given, it was certain that the actor will play a new character in the game. However, later this year, in August, the devel announced that Todd Stashwick won’t be featured in the game, as his role was recast, due to undisclosed professional issues.

Studio Problems

The recasting of the voice actor is not the only problem the studio had in the development process in theof the game. In March, 2014 it became clear that the game director of Uncharted 4 has left Naughty Dog. Although at that time no official reason was given, it later became known that Justin Richmond decided to pursue other career options. He joined Riot Games to become a League of Legends developer. Moreover Amy Hennig, who was the studio writer and creative director for Uncharted 4, has also left the studio. She decided to join Visceral Games instead in order to work on their highly anticipated Star Wars game.

There is uncertainty about how well Uncharted 4 will compete with its predecessors. With its prime writer and crector gone, and the game director joining another studio things are not looking well for Naughty Dog. However, they are bound to pursue the best next-gen experiene, there is no clarity about when Uncharted 4 will see the light of day as its release date hasn’t been disclosed.

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