Uncharted 4 – Latest Updates, Storyline and Release Date Rumors

Expected to be released later this year, Uncharted 4 is one of the most anticipated games for the next-gen PlayStation 4 console.

Even though some information about the game has been released, fans are left to wonder about certain important details. Fantasizing about what the game might actually be and how it can become better, we have compiled a list of the top features we want to see in Uncharted 4.

More Puzzles!

The remake of Tomb Raider was an awesome blend of intense action and puzzle solving. Resembling closely the adventurous series, the Uncharted franchise can take a few pages from the Tomb Raider’s scrap book and its developers could focus more on the puzzles in the game. Although there are many memorable ones in the previous games, the challenges are just not as well thought as they could be and a few more complicated puzzles could increase the playability factor of the upcoming Uncharted 4 game.

Changed Storyline

With the graphical fidelity of games coming to a level where everything looks simply terrific, more and more people and critics are focusing on other aspects of games, such as the story. Blending perfectly a deeply personal and touching story, it is no wonder that The Last of Us won a bunch of Game of the Year awards for 2013. If Uncharted 4 wants to be on the lists of nominees for next year, the developers should focus on a more personalized storyline that truly touches the player emotionally and makes you feel a part of the protagonist’s world.


Another great addition in the game would be improved traversal. Even though this could change the game in various ways, an adventure game from the caliber of Uncharted 4 should definitely have implemented free run elements in its gameplay. This would not only give the possibility for new, more complicated puzzles, but can also improve the combat mode as well, giving it neat sandbox feel that the players can enjoy.

Co-Op Campaign

We know that a full co-operative campaign for Uncharted 4 is a bit of a stretch, but as this is a fictional wish list, we decided to nonetheless fantasize about it. If the game features a powerful co-op mode with a full campaign, players will be able to share the experience with their closest friends and this will add an additional fun factor to the game. Moreover, the developers are able to tinker with the style and present the story from a different perspective, thus improving the playability factor.

The release date of Uncharted 4 is still too far away for true speculations to be made about the main factors in its gameplay or story. Even though it is expected to be released later this year, both Naughty Dog and Sony are keeping their mouths shut and have not shared much info about the upcoming title, except a few teasers. Letting our imagination run wild, we have included some of the main factors that we believe will make Uncharted 4 stand out from the previous titles and its competitors. Do you agree with our list and what would you like to see in the next Uncharted game?

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