Ultrakam Pro – Shoot 2K Video On Your iPhone

Ultrakam Pro is a third-party application for the iOS, whereby the iPhone is able to get in more pixels while taking amazing, high quality photographs and videos. The iPhone is capable of resolutions topping at 1080p HD for video footage, but with the use of this application, the device can add-on some more pixels. You can shoot videos with 70% more pixilation compared to the usual HD, offering greater and noticeable detail to pictures and videos. Once you have captured the video files with the app on your iOS devices, you will need an ample amount of free space in your phone or tablet.

Interesting Features

UltraKam Pro offers a lot of interesting features, such as an independent focus and exposure as well as a white balance. It can also record through multiple rates of frames and offers a professional touch to the application. However, the application is locked with one landscape mode, being opposed to the way in which you hold your device. The media player is built into the application, but the audio playback is not too good and can only be used as a reference, as its resolution is 2K at the maximum and not too useful.

Enhancing iOS Capabilities

iPhones can take high-resolution full HD video at 30 fps as well as slow motion clippings at a lower resolution. The phone can also take excellent still pictures at high-resolution. However, the Ultrakam Pro app developed by Hassan Uriostegui can help your iOS device to capture a number of stills one after the other and then combine them together to form a footage of higher resolution. The application is available in the Apple Store, bringing in a 2K resolution. The preset of 24 fps is also included in it.

Ultrakam Pro is able to take video footage of 2240 x 1672 p and this is around 75% more than the usual full HD resolution with pixilation of 1920 x 1080. However, this needs plenty of horsepower, so the application is most suitable for devices, such as the iPad Air and the iPhone 5S and other iOS devices. The app can also be used in the older iOS devices, such as the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C and the iPad Mini, though the video capture will be lower at 2K and the fps is also lower at 20 frames per second, compared to 24fps for the higher iOS version devices.

Unique Camera App

Ultrakam Pro is a unique camera application, as the 2L clippings are stored in the form of Motion JPEG or in the form of H.264 iframe files, useful for compressing and storing files. The app is also capable of shooting excellent slow motion video for the iPhone 5S at 120 fps and at 60fps for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C. You can also make use of the advanced settings on the application, selecting the video bit rate and the audio bit rate, as also a number of editing tools, share your stills, make color corrections, balance the focus or the exposure values, create a still from a video and many other useful features.


However, there are some tradeoffs in using the application, as the app captures some non-standard frame size, with a maximum of 2240 x 1672 and this has to be rendered to be used in editing apps like the Final Cut Pro X. The audio is also recorded separately and this has to be later on synced manually with the picture, along with a complete absence of sound recording in the slow motion modes.


UltraKam Pro is an excellent application that offers additional resolution to videos taken on your iOS devices.

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