Top 6 Features for iPhone 6 That Overpowers 2014 Smartphones

iPhone 6 will come with a lot of new features, but today we’re going to list some possible features that this long-expected phone will have.

Unbreakable & waterproof

Some rumors say that the iPhone will have carcass formed by a Liquid metal, covered by a thin sapphire layer. This will make the new iPhone 6 almost unbreakable. It’s also said that the new carcass will be resistant to water.

Supersized screens

Other rumors say that the new iPhone 6 will come with a bigger display than the current iPhone 5S. While iPhone 5S has a 4 inch display, the new iPhone 6 will probably come with a 4.7inch screen that will render a resolution of 1704×960 and will have a 416ppi.

Superior battery

Apple fans are waiting for a more powerful battery, in order to fully use their phones. Apart from that, Apple might implement key engineering modifications in order to make the iPhone be more energy-efficient.

Wireless charging

Along with the new battery, iPhone might come with wireless charging chips – a feature that’s already been used by some Google devices.

iOS 8 features

iOS 8 might be unveiled at the WWDC in June. Fans are hoping to have it on the new iPhone 6, to enjoy using more personalization options and to get the long waited mobile widgets.

Faster and stable wireless connection

LTE, the most advanced wireless connection, is close to full global implementation. Apple will probably install the new Wi-Fi 801.11ac compatible chips on their iOS devices.

These nice features might be on the upcoming iPhone 6 this year.

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