Top 5 iPhone Games 2014 – Games That Allow You to De-Stress and Have Fun

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When we talk about gaming and more specifically games for the iOS environment, there are many games which are launched every minute on this platform.

Listed below are five games that stand out from the crowd and should be the first ones to be downloaded.

1) First Strike

At number one we have First Strike. This game falls in the category of military strategy. The gameplay requires players to fight and gain superiority in the worldwide nuclear arms market. It starts with the player having control of a large country’s nuclear arsenal. The aim is to expand the country’s hold in the region and add more weaponry, research technicians and technology into the arsenal. Players can even stockpile nuclear arms. These include both long range and short range missiles. Even though it is a strategy based game, there is always one player who presses the button to launch the nukes. After all blowing up items is the best way to de-stress.

2) Smash Hit

Next we have the ultra-popular Smash Hit. The gameplay is extremely simple. As a player you have to launch a marble to destroy all objects made of glass. While this may sound very simple, the gameplay is extremely challenging. The makers of the game have combined a very high level knowledge of physics with our primeval need for destruction. The game has a free version and a paid version which costs $1.99. In the free version, if you do not destroy the items, then you have to go back to the start. In contrast, the paid version allows you to continue from the last stage which you have cleared. Fun, challenging and addictive, this game is a must-download.

3) Wave-Wave

At number three we have Wave-Wave. This is one of the toughest yet extremely fun games to play. In this game you have a number of obstructions that are triangular in nature. The player has to help guide a line through these obstructions. In order to do this, he has to climb them using a tap and hold motion. What makes this immensely had is the actual shape of the obstacle. You need to be precise in your movements just to make some headway in the game. There is one guarantee and that is you will keep coming back for more.

4) Surgeon Simulator

At number four is Surgeon Simulator. In this game, players have to take the place of surgeons. Each player has to perform a number of operations all of which are lifesaving procedures. The gameplay becomes un-intentionally funny as the inexperience of the player comes into play. You are provided with all the tools required to perform the surgery. You can master the skills and become an experienced surgeon over the course of the gameplay.

5) Tank of Tanks

Tank Games have always been extremely fun and addictive. At number five, the Tank of Tanks falls in this category. This can be played easily with three other players. Each player is assigned a corner spot. All you have to do is press the button down and move forward. As soon as your tank moves it begins shooting. Once you release the button, the tank moves in the opposite direction and so on and so forth. This game is not high on graphics, but is extremely fun to play.

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