Top 5 iOS 7 Apps

Are you looking to find the best apps for iOS7?

Here, we will make a wrap up of five of the best apps that you should not miss out.

Fantastical 2

Are you worried about forgetting your meetings and events? In such cases, this is the best app that you can ask for. While it is a paid app, it is going to revamp the way you have been using calendars and reminders. For the first time, you will have your reminders and calendars integrated into one. The interface is extremely catchy and interesting and it is sure to keep all your meetings and reminders well organized. With this app, you can be sure of never missing a deadline, birthday, anniversary or any of your party invites again.

Launch Center Pro

Are you looking for a way to keep track of all your apps and have shortcuts ready at the drop of your hat? With Launch Center Pro, you can maneuver your phone and have it just the way you want. Launch Center Pro will allow you to have access to nearly all your apps in less than two taps. You can customize the menus and your phone will bear your own mark and touch.

We are all looking to have an app that can help us sort and organize our stuff and keep things in a coordinated manner. There is no better way to do it than by using this app as you will be able to keep track of all your apps and accessing them is much easier. At a price of less than $5, you surely should opt for this app.

Reeder 2

Reeder 2 has brought some of the most beautiful updates to its interface. You are going to love what this app has to offer. If you are looking for an app that will help you access RSS feeds and grab some of your favorite webpage with ease, there is nothing better than Reeder 2. It has been revamped entirely as you will find new font, fresh icons and the overall styling of this app is commendable. You are sure to love using it because accessing your favorite pages was never so much fun before. No doubt, it is high time that you bid Google reader the final adieu.


While this app is a little costly and it is priced a little higher than $19, yet it is the go-to choice for all those who are looking for an app that will help them handle the ordeals of task management. When you have to handle multiple tasks, there may be a many factors to manage and having an app can sort through the options and give you the right choices at hand.

With Omnifocus 2, you will be able to gather the right data and streamline it in an apt manner to extract the biggest benefits and sort out all your work.

Teevee 2

Are you a TV junkie? Do you hate missing out your favorite shows? This is the best app that has been designed for you. In less than a couple of minutes, you will have details of the top shows that are playing. You can also find descriptions and summaries of the shows. There is provision for setting alerts for different shows and thus it can turn out to be handy in ways more than one.

These are the top five apps that you should not miss out on. They have been redesigned on the lines of the changes that are a part of iOS7 and you should explore the endless benefits that it has to offer.


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