Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Your Smartphone

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By now, most of us know the great value of free calling apps.

To be able to talk to our loved ones for free is one of the best gifts our modern generation has bestowed us with. The internet has become the most relevant thing because it allows us to gather information in an instant and the chance to speak to any one we’d like, all for free. Several apps provide this service and with their growth, it’s easy to find an app to use for free calls. Here are the Top 5 Free Calling Apps today.


Viber is the most common free calling app in the world. It is very popular to every mobile user because its voice quality is superb. Aside from voice calls, Viber also allows you to send instant messages, voice messages, media files such as photos and videos, and call people with no Viber. This feature is called Viber Out and you have to buy Viber credits before you can use it. Viber has more than 200 million users across the globe.


It’s hard to think of an app that’s more superior to Skype. It is the most popular free calling app, not just for mobiles, but more so for desktop versions. This app is known for having the best quality for their voice calls. Additionally, Skype is also most known for its high quality video calls. It also allows you to call landlines outside Skype.


Another popular free calling app, WeChat has more than 300 million users. Like with Skype, it also offers video calls, but it is not its strong suit. Its voice call, on the other hand, has one of the best qualities compared to other free calling apps. You can also send text messages and voice messages using WeChat. WeChat also provides better social interaction as it includes features that will inform you about other users within your radius who are also using WeChat.


Another free calling app that includes video calling feature, Line is another perfect app to stay connected to your friends. What sets Line apart from other apps is that you can update and post your own status. Your friends can see what you’re up to, if you’re free to chat, or if you want to be left alone. Line also has hundreds of millions of users and it also has a feature where you can get updates from celebrities who are using Line by adding them to your contact list.


Known for its free video calls and voice calls, Tango also offers instant messaging. What’s even greater is that you can chat with up to 50 people at once by adding them to a group chat. You do not need to make an invitation the next time you are throwing a party.Just get online on Tango and start a group chat with your friends. Tango’s free voice call is of great quality as well that’s why it earns a spot in the Top 5 Free Calling Apps.

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