Top 5 Best 2014 Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks To Destroy Your Enemies

1. Get an easy shield

When you are not playing Clash of Clans, you will be vulnerable to attacks. It is indicated to buy a shield with gems in order to keep your village protected. There is another way, to get this shield if you don’t want to spend gems on it. To do this, just move your Town Hall into a vulnerable position, after that use a few of your troops to lure a low level attacker. You might lose a few trophies, but you will get a “free” shield.

2. Try doing big burst attacks

Instead of doing stupid attacks, try combining multiple attacks in one session. This will save your resources without losing them constantly to attackers. Try tapping before the display shuts down for inactivity while you wait for the next attack, in order to not lose time.

3. Try to queue up your next set of troops to save time

After you fill your camp with troops, try giving yourself a head start by queuing additional soldiers in the barracks. Sometimes it can take more then 5 minutes to find a suitable target and complete the attack, which can be used to train soldiers instead.

4. Don’t rush to upgrade Town Hall

It’s quite tempting to upgrade your Town Hall in order to have new buildings. Try to not upgrade it until you really need it. This will help you get more loot when you attack higher, for example if he’s 2 levels higher then you, you will get 125% more loot, and if he’s three levels above you, then you get 150% more loot!

5. Try saving your gems as long as possible

If you don’t plan on spending real money to get gems, you have to make sure you don’t use them unnecessarily. Do not spend gems to speed up buildings or swap them for elixir or gold. You can get free gems by reaching a number or trophies or getting an achievement. To get 450 gems, you will need to reach 1250 trophies. You can also get 250 gems when reaching 2000 trophies. Check your achievement list in order to see what other prizes you can get.


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