Top 5 Best 2014 Android Puzzle Games

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1. Tiny Thief
Tiny Thief, brought you by Rovio inc. who are also the creators of Angry Birds, is a great game where you are some sort of a “Robin Hood”, and you have to steal from riches and give to the poor people. This game comes with a great sense of humor, which will make your day better. There is a demo version which you get for free, but for the full version of the game you have to pay $2.99.
2. Cut The Rope
One of the best puzzle games on Androids is this nice Cut The Rope game. In this game, you have to cut the rope at the right time in order to feed a little monster. This game comes with 375 levels with many surprises and level unlocks. The game costs $1 but we assure you it’s worth the money.

3. Splice
Splice is an amazing game with a lot of levels which are called “strands”, where you have to take the cells and rearrange them into a target structure. Each strand must be done in a number of moves, so you need to think before doing anything. The game contains 75 puzzles and cost $2.99.

4. The Room

The Room is a mystery game with great 3D graphics that will blow your mind away. This game will make you addicted very fast. The game consists in hints given to you in order to solve some mystery puzzles. The Room game costs $1.99.

5. Juice Cubes
One of the nicest little puzzler games you will ever see is Juice Cubes, with over 165 levels of fruity, juicy, puzzling fun. In order to get points in this game you will have to connect the cubes or create and combine fruit bombs to “blow” your score away. Unlock levels and characters or even challenge your Facebook friends in this game. Did we mention that’s it’s free?

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