Top 5 Best 2014 Android Arcade Games

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Most played games on mobiles are the Arcade ones, since they make your time fly and you don’t get so bored of them too soon. So, if you like Arcade games and want to see the top 5 most played ones, you are in the right place!

Ant Smasher

This is one of the most played games, mostly because it’s easy to play and can “kill” your time while you smash some bugs. The point in this game is to smash as many ants as possible, but beware of the bees, because if you try to smash them, you will get stung! There are already over 55 million downloads on this arcade game.

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive

Zombie Frontier 2 is a game where you have to kill… zombies of course! The game has high definition graphics and because of that, many download it at least to play it once, just for the good graphics quality. In this game, you have to equip yourself with weapons, grenades and all the weapons you can buy to defeat zombies.

Mini Golf MatchUp

Even though the Golf is not such a popular sport such as football or basketball, this Golf game already has a lot of players. It comes with five different fields and a total of 70 holes. So, if you are a Golf fan, probably this is the game for you!

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Oh well, no need for an introduction in here, since it’s of course one of the most popular games, Minecraft! Likewise the PC and console version of the game, you can build virtual realities in a sandbox-like environment. However, the worlds are finite, only 256 by 256 blocks.

Tank Hero

Tank Hero is a game where you control a tank and need to destroy other tanks. The game has 3D graphics which raises the interest level of people. In the game you can get some unique weapons in order to destroy the enemy tanks.

We remind you that all these 5 applications are free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store!

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