Top 5 Antivirus 2014 – Products That Offer You the Best Protection

Antivirus products fall in the must-have category of software.

The rise of this technology can be attributed to two factors. The first factor is the spurt in the number of internet users. The second factor is the spurt in the number of extremely sophisticated Malware programs.

Let us discuss about five most important antivirus software that no user can ignore.

Bit Defender

At a cost of around $80 per year, this brand packs a lot of punch in its complete package. Bit Defender offers every user an anti-virus scanner along with a scanner which allows you to shop online and also conduct your financial transactions in a secure manner. Another huge benefit is that it has parental controls in-built into the software.

These controls help track and monitor the Facebook activity of kids. When it comes to the installation process, the first scan is done to check if the system has any sort of malware of viruses. Only once these are removed, does the program install itself. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use. The user can scroll through and check the status of protection for each and every filter.

Norton 360

This is one brand that has been around for ages. One of the earliest anti-virus brands, Symantec has been developing its antivirus to match the pace of the growth of online users. The Norton 360 programs costs around $90 per year. While the cost is on the higher side, the benefit is an integrated and extremely effective security solution.

The software allows the user to select which programs can be launched on startup. It also shows the protection status for each and every filter at the beginning. Features like cleaning up the registry, highlighting which program can be removed and a firewall which allows you to track all incoming ping requests make this a must have security solution.

McAfee LiveSafe

This is another brand that has made the initial foray into this sector. The McAfee virus and security solutions have lost ground to both the above two solutions. Like the previous two, the LiveSafe security solution is extremely comprehensive in its security. At a cost of $79 per year, this software helps protect your desktop and mobile from viruses, malware and identity theft.

The program has one of the strongest shields in the market. This is extremely effective and it allows the user access to a simple yet secure interface at all times. However, where it loses ground is the load placed on the system during the scanning process.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

The Kaspersky brand has always been known as a company that has made excellent anti-virus programs. The 2014 version is equally strong and efficient. Like all of the above mentioned security solutions, it offers complete protection against all the latest virus and malware threats. Priced at $89 it is perfect for anyone who is looking to move to a paid security solution.

However, the extremely powerful engine packed in the software has a drawback. Like its counterpart in McAfee, it also impacts the performance of the system significantly. However, if you consider the trade-off to performance, the level of protection offered is still on the higher side.

Avast Premier 2014

This brand has made its name with an extremely powerful free version. In fact, its free version is one of the most downloaded anti-virus software across the globe. The premier version priced at $49.99 annually, takes all the features in the free version and provides a much stronger suite of security solutions.

Under this version, users can access files securely, shred data, keep all their software updated automatically as well as access their system in a secured manner. Combined with the silent firewall, strong anti-virus engine as well as a strong spam blocker, this software is extremely versatile.

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