Top 4 Free Running Apps For iPhone And Android

There used to be a time when it would have been considered weird to use a phone for getting fit, but today’s smartphones come with apps and sensors that can multi task as fitness tools.

If you want to get the maximum health benefit from your phone, you could consider the top four free running applications. Gone are those days when you just laced up your shoes and hit the road. With these apps, running has never been this more easy or fun.


This is a very popular running app for mobile users. Users can input statistics on the site in order to track their progress. In addition, the app also offers features for finding routes. Runners can add strength-training activities and obtain a fitness report or prepare a training plan while preparing for a race with any other community user.


This app is an extension to the site and offers feedback while the person runs. It also logs workouts and allows easy integration with Facebook and Twitter profiles if you want to share your progress with your friends. The application is integrated with the site MapMyRun, where the user can also log in other details, such as his food intake and maintain a journal for checking out his daily progress, check out the routes of other users in his area and even make friends with the user community and share tips with them. It has a free and a paid version, with the paid version offering more features.

Nike+ Running

Nike has gone a step beyond merely sports clothing and trainers and offers an innovative free application allowing you to track the distance, the pace and the time of your running. The app also has smart features that pause and start again when the runner does, so there is no need to stop the application if you take some time off to catch your breath while running. The site also allows you to synchronize the route and share it with friends on Facebook. Users can also post any upcoming runs and every time a friend likes or comments on the post, they can get cheers. The application is slick, but though it may not be replete with features, it is very simple to use and does the job. If you are feeling sluggish, you can activate the power song or get inspiration from Nike’s athletes.

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava offers a unique alternative with its cycling application. Those riding a bike and desire to track their rides can use this free app and load it in their smartphone. The app helps the user keep track of the distance as well as time along with the speed the calories spent and the elevation. It also makes use of third-party features that enable measuring the heart rate and tracking cadence. If you upgrade your membership to the paid version, you can also access other features, such as GPX file export; power output and so on. The GPS enables accurate tracking of the route on roads and trails. The website adds another dimension to the app, as you can connect with friends and other users, compare your rides to other athletes all over the world. You can download this free tool on your smartphone for recording training rides or simple commutes.

People who love to run can just lace up the Nike and hit the road, but it can soon get monotonous day after day. This is when you would like to try out new routes, lose some weight, try to run faster and improve your endurance. The above-mentioned mobile apps for running can offer a lot of variety in a training regimen.

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