Top 2014 Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans

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If you like strategy games, then Clash of Clans is the game you should play. In this game you have to protect your village by training troops, constructing cannons etc. The game has player vs. player mode also.

In order to create or upgrade buildings, or train troops, you will need resources such as gold coins or elixirs.

Tips on how to succeed in “Clash of Clans”

Save Gems

When you train troops or create/upgrade buildings you have a waiting time, but you have the option to use gems in order to obtain them instantly. Even if that it’s tempting, we suggest you not to use any gems until you are forced to do that, for example if you are being attacked and you need troops or towers to defend the village. Gems can be gained by completing missions.

Balance your Defense and Offense

Your village will be raided sooner or later and in order to defend it, you have to create defensive towers or walls and train some troops. If you want to go more defensive, you should upgrade the town hall, which allows you to build walls, towers and level up your town buildings.

12 hour Shield

When you fail defending your village and it’s destroyed by more then 60%, the game provides a 12 hour shield. When it’s being destroyed by 90% or more, it provides extra shield hours. When the shield is on, do not attack other villages because the shield will be removed as soon as you do that.


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