Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats

Are you looking to find the best cleats that can maximize the type of fun and comfort you enjoy when you are playing soccer?

There are various brands, styles and designs of cleats and here we will list the ten that we think tops the list of useful cleats.

10. Diadora-DD-NA

An Italian brand, this company is known for designing boots that bear the mark of perfection. The specialty of this boots is the light weight and the extra flexibility and comfort that it offers. The design of this boot is commendable. The prices start from $100.

9.  Nike Premier

This classy and extremely stylish boots from Nike is one of the top choices for most soccer players. Not only do they have a shiny perfect leather finish, but at the same time, the technology that has been used to design these boots is commendable and extremely impressive. The cost starts from as low as $40.

8. Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0

These boots come with an energy sling near the forefoot. Adidas designed these boots keeping the needs of midfield players in mind. It is one of those boots which will always keep you on the move as you will be able to sprint forward and enjoy a greater level of comfort. Such a pair of boots can be a little costly with prices touching $200.

7. Warrior Screamer S- Lite

The first boot offered by Warrior seemed to be their best. It comes with a PU injection that has a specific angle. This will allow you an additional rebounding facility when you are striking the ball and it is therefore the favorite for soccer players. The design is robust and hugely impressive and the cost can be a little towards the higher side.

6. Nike Hypervenom Phantom

The main plus point of this cleat has to be the kind of agility it offers. If you are looking for cleats that will help you sprint with ease, you should opt for these boots. However, the comfort offered by the boots might not be that impressive. The cost of the boots is nearly $225. However, you may find offers and discounts.

5. Asics DS Light X- Fly

It comes very close to being one of the best cleats owing to the kind of quality it offers. The K- leather and the soleplate is brilliant and the comfort which this boot will offer is stupendous to say the least. The price is less than $200 which makes it an affordable choice.

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

It is the choice of Ronaldo and the boots sell because of this reason alone. They are hailed for being extremely comfortable and the type of sprinting ease which they offer makes them one of the best by Nike.

3. Puma King 2013

The traditional K leather that was a part of this boot was removed to make way for calf skin leather and this idea turned out to be an excellent one because it has greatly improved the ease and comfort that this shoe offers. The price is affordable which makes it an excellent option.

2. Mizuno Morelia Neo

Ever since the Morelia neo was launched, it has got a lot of soccer players interested. It is ideal for not only a quick run, but also even when it comes to standing your ground and striking shots, the boots will give you the right grip. Their design is very close to being flawless; however, the price is on the higher side. Yet, it is worth the money.

1. Adidas F50 Adizero

It is currently the boots worn by some of the leading soccer players. Adidas made some modifications to this boot as hybrid touch has been used in this boot. The boot is lightweight, comfortable, offers an easy grip and it can be molded in the right shape as well.

These are the top ten boots you just cannot afford to miss.



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