Titanfall PC Version Gets Capture the Flag Mode Again

For hardcore FPS fans, capturing the flag is an important mode that has been part of some of the memorable titles including Unreal Tournament and Quake among many others.

The fast paced, military shooter with titans was an apt fit for the CTF mode but it was removed a couple of days ago. Respawn entertainment, the developers of the game said that they found it really difficult to match players in this mode because very few were available in this mode. The game has an automatic matchmaking system which collects players from the nearest location and pits them together in their chosen game mode. It becomes quite difficult when they are no players around you who are interested to capture the flag and it leads to a delay time of more than five minutes which is a huge deal for those who are looking to jump into the action as soon as possible.

Respawn Entertainment not only removed the Capture the Flag mode from the PC version of Titanfall but also the Pilot Hunter mode. They are still available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. Within days, a large group of players have opposed to this decision and demanded Respawn to bring CTF back. Obliging to their desire, the company has decided to put the mode back in but it may not be the best experience, the team confirms.

Is It The Fall of Titans?

Even though there was enough hype surrounding Titanfall, the game did not reach the pinnacle of success as titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield did. The removal of a game mode within months since launch denotes the fact that there aren’t enough players in the game to fill up the modes. At the same time, titles like Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 1942 still got a huge number of active players online and as it allows custom matchmaking, the game continues to thrive without any hassles. It is to be known whether Respawn will allow players to find their own servers and join games online similar to Battelfield 4. But, given the limited number of players online it looks like a far distant dream that may never turn into reality.

The developers of Titanfall had assured in their blog that the team is looking at ways to expand the regions in Capture the Flag mode. In case a player is unable to find opponents within their region, the server will expand by itself and move to find players from nearby continents. Such a design will drastically increase the lag and will slow down the game to a great extent. The team says that it is always good to be able to play than not play at all. The future of the title looks bleak and there are rumors stating that it will not be a Microsoft exclusive for long. The team is looking forward to expanding its horizons with Titanfall 2 that will launch on PS4 as well. Expect an official confirmation soon!

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