Titanfall CTF and Pilot Hunter Modes Removed, Companion App Available

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When most gamers are already complaining that Titanfall doesn’t have much in terms of game play and modes to explore, the developers of the game, Respawn entertainment, have decided to remove two modes from the multiplayer maps.

The important mode Capture the Flag or CTF and the Pilot Hunter is now not available for play in the PC version of the game. The game developers didn’t specify whether they will be bringing it back in the future or not. The reason behind this removal is said to be the fact that there are very less number of players and it makes it very difficult when it comes to matchmaking. Sometimes, players from around the globe are pitted together, which leads to lag and spoils the game play experience.

New Modes Promised

Respawn entertainments promised that this will not be the game of the CTF and Pilot Hunter as we know it. In their Twitter account, they clarified that the team is working to introduce new game modes and maps. These removed game modes will still be available to play on Variety and private matches. A new update has been released which you should download for Titanfall to run properly. The game modes available include Hardpoint, Variety Pack, Expedition Variety Pack, Expedition Attrition as well as Last Titan Standing and Attrition. The company has also confirmed that the Capture the Flag mode will not be removed from the Xbox 360 version. The decision to remove modes without providing anything new has been met with strong criticism from gamers. To boost sales, the developers also offered a 40% discount on the game. Whether the offer became successful or not is yet to be known.

Titanfall App Released

The official Titanfall companion app has been released by EA for Android which will allow gamers to control various aspects of the game by using their Android smart phone or tablet. By using the app, you will be able to know more about the statistics, performance of the pilots and a real time map of the game as it is happening. The app can be instantly connected to the Xbox One version of the game. It is not designed to work with the PC or the Xbox 360 version of the game which has to be rectified in the near future. It’s funny to see that the app on Google Play has received so many one star reviews because of this compatibility issue.

The size of the app is big as well as 612 MB. So, make sure you have the required space on your device before downloading it. Titanfall is the best-selling video game for the month of April and continues to top the charts on the Xbox One console. The game which is closely competing with this title in terms of sales is Infamous Second Son on the PS4 console. Microsoft believes that removing the Kinect from the console, and reducing it to $399 will push the platform to new buyers. It is to be seen how it affects sales in the upcoming months, especially after E3 2014 which takes place in June.

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