Titanfall – Best Strategy Tips to Level Up Fast

One of the hottest games on the current gaming market is undoubtedly Titanfall.

Offering various new innovative elements into the FPS gameplay, the game is not only addictive, but highly competitive. That being said, you must be aware of the best strategy tips in the game in order to get to the top. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips you have to know to level up fast.

Hack Turrets and Scepters

The only thing you have to do to hack a Spectre is jam your Data Knife into the back terminal of the Spectre’s head. Moreover, if the Spectre is part of a group, hacking it will ensure that the whole group will become disabled. This is an amazing way to gain XP in Titanfall as you get the same points for doing this as you get for killing AI.

The turrets in the game are able to take down Titans, making them one of the most powerful threats. Prioritizing them over Spectre’s is important, but you should focus on both. This will give you both XP and Attrition Points in the regular team deathmatch in Titanfall.

Kill the Grunts

If you slay a Pilot you get around 100 XP. However, there are a lot more grunts in the game that are far easier to kill. Even though Grunts give you only 20XP in the long run you will be taking a lot more XPs. Travelling in close-knit groups of more than three, grunts are pretty easy to take down. Of course, you should be careful not to give away your positioning on the radar. Also, don’t use up all of your ammunition on the Grunts, as Pilots are the bigger threat. However, if you want to easy level up in Titanfall, then you should always try to kill up the most Grunts you can handle without ruining your usual strategy.

Use your XP Burn Cards Thoughtfully

Most players in Titanfall make the mistake to quickly use their fast learner card. However, you should try to keep hold of it, because it gives you the advantage of quickly leveling up by providing you with double XP bonus. Make sure to save up your cards that give you extra XP, such as Most Wanted List, Titan Salvage and Urban renewal. Using them when you are sure that you will spend a lot of time fighting is the right way to quickly level up in Titanfall. Also, make sure to time they use. For example, Titan Salvage is best used at the end of a match, when there are quite a few enemy Titans to shoot at.

Leveling up in Titanfall is far easier than it sounds. Moreover, if you focus on the aforementioned strategies, you will be surprised at how fast a player can level up. Keeping in mind a few simple tips is always quite helpful, especially if you are a new player in the game. However, everything comes down to dedication. If you take your time and learn from your mistakes you will quickly become a true pro in the game.

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