Titanfall – Advanced Tips and Tricks For Experienced Players

Titanfall is currently one of the hottest games on the market.

Presenting new and somewhat innovative gameplay elements in the highly competitive multiplayer FPS environment, the game is fun and exciting to play. However, because of the titans and other additional elements, the FPS has far more depth than other AAA titles. That’s why we’ve compiled a special Titanfall advanced tips and tricks tutorial for the more experienced players in the game.

Xbox One Button Layout

If you are playing Titanfall on the Xbox One, you should definitely change the button layout. Even if you are used to the buttons, most players find it far easier to perform double jumping and wall running if you switch to the Bumper Jumper layout. In order to do so, you simply have to visit the options menu in the game and find the button layout options. This change will switch up your jumping button from A to the Right Bumper.

Perform Titanfall

It is no wonder that the game is called Titanfall. Counting towards your Death From Above achievement, you should focus on using the calling of your Titan as a weapon. In order to easily do so, and achieve the great kill, be sure to use your wits instead of relying on chance. For example, you may want to jump on the back of an enemy titan, as if you would perform a rodeo. However, instead of doing so, make sure to call out your titan, thus achieving a Titanfall kill.

Use your Cards Wisely

Although you might see this tip in almost every tutorial, the cards in Titanfall can be of a huge value. Make sure to use them wisely and get the most out of them. For example, your best bet is to use the Pull Rank Burn Card right before the beginning of a round. It will decrease the building time of your Titan by up to 80 seconds. Moreover, you can plan out with your teammates to use this trick together. This will let you have six titans more a minute earlier than the opposing team. If this is performed correctly, it almost guarantees your team a huge victory and a win.

The Satchel Charge

If you are familiar with the C4 in Call of Duty or Battlefield, you should be aware of how powerful it can be. The Satchel charge in Titanfall bears the same explosive function. Make sure to unlock it and equip it as fast as possible. This will guarantee you further increase in your kill count. Your best bet, once you unlock it, is to stick it on a surface, where it is almost impossible to be spotted by the opposing team. Moreover, try placing them near a hard point that your teammates control and when you start losing it, simply detonate the charges to take down the nearby enemies.

There are a ton of other advanced strategies in Titanfall. However, make sure to use your creativity, jump higher and you will be surprised at how easy it is to get better in the game.

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