The Sims 4 – Return of a Family and the Use of Music

Emotion is the Central Theme

The upcoming version of the popular Sims franchise has a centralized theme.

In their effort to replicate the real world, the developers of the game have made Emotion as the main theme of the upcoming game.

In order to do this, the company is using a brand new artificial intelligence based technology. Termed ‘Smart Sim’, it allows the virtual characters to respond more emotionally to events around them. This means that gamers can fall in love, be reduced to tears and get angry as per the situation. Graham Nardone, the producer of the franchise, stated that this was the first step in creating life-like Sims. He believes that the addition of emotions means that the characters become intelligent and extremely believable.

According to him, previous versions of the franchise did this in a much more artificial manner. Hence those versions were considered more artificial and virtual entities. In contrast, Sims 4 will bring freshness to the gameplay due to the mimicking of human emotions. This will create brand new situations and increase the quality of the gameplay drastically. It will also change the way gamers interact and socialize with each other through the game.

Music to Relate to the Situation

The designers realized that music is the best way to showcase emotions in the gameplay. Hence, they have recruited composer Ilan Eshkeri to create the background score for the game. He has already created a number of different compositions for the general gameplay and the house.

In addition, he has also composed close to 140 different tunes to convey the emotions felt by the characters during specific situations. These include kissing, realization and fights. The developers of the game used this approach with a specific purpose in mind. They knew that using the latest technology in animation, in combination with the new Artificial Intelligence module will take the gameplay to levels not seen before in the franchise.

Music also helps create brand new activities in an instance. For example, characters can look for alternatives like paintings to come out of depression and intense workouts to combat anger and tension. This also increases the social aspect of the game. Gamers can have conversations in a group, they can acknowledge and respond to other Sims more realistically or just strike up a conversation with any SIM on an individual basis. The difference is that the robotic feel is no longer existent.

Return of the Goths

The developers have also confirmed that the Goth family will make their appearance in Sims 4. Scheduled to be released later in the year, there is only confirmation about Bella and Mortimer making an appearance in the latest title.

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