The Sims 4 Release Date May Bring Micro Transactions, Shuns Create a Style

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Whether gamers want it or not, a company like EA is not going to stop their policy of micro transactions unless people boycott it altogether.

A game like Battlefield 4 can never get such a system because premium packs are one thing but trying to charge every time you want to purchase a gun sounds insane. The company is testing waters even in BF4 with easy weapons pack among others but because of the large group of casual gamers involved, they might introduce it aggressively in the Sims 4 title. The game is yet to be released and has a huge fan base to tap into but the problem is some are already worried whether they will start pushing this micro transactions system to make them pay even more.

Multiple DLCs Planned

A recent survey revealed that EA will bring out annual subscription packs where players can choose to pay $100 and every DLC released during the year will be available for them without additional charges. This new system has received a warm welcome from the player community because they opine it is a cheaper option when compared to buy them all as separate expansion packs. The survey also revealed over fifteen different expansion packs including university, weather, pets, and generations among many others. A Harry Potter themed magic school of studies is also being speculated but the survey is very limited in number and this doesn’t provide any concrete information.

Microtransactions Look Imminent

The question related to micro transactions came from the Sims 3 which has lately been showing some store stuff and encouraging players to buy them all separately. It could very well be a system that EA is experimenting at the moment. A good deal of information related to The Sims 4 is expected during the upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014. The game development team’s executive has confirmed that they are going to show off the game during the show but there is no update on the release date yet. Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed that Create a Style will not be part of the new game so that it runs smoothly even on older generation computers.

The idea sounds ridiculous for players who own great gaming PCs and look forward to next gen titles with more new features. The graphics is expected to be relatively high and customizable while new features including concurrent interactions will be debuted. The show floor at E3 is ready to answer all your questions because to promote the game, EA might just add it to their booth where players can try it out. Once you see and play the game, it will be much easier to deduce what the new title has to offer. If the company decides to remove a bunch of features and try to make players pay for everything they wish to own inside the game, it could end up as a bad marketing strategy for one of the best franchises of all time. Everyone wishes that it doesn’t happen so.

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