The Sims 4 Rated 18+ In Russia, Release Date Close

Whenever a product gets rated by a country, whether it is a movie, game or book, you can comfortably assume that it is gearing up for a possible release date.

After all, without an actual release why would the government bodies spend time in rating such stuff if they are going to come out only months later As rumored, the Sims 4 could actually be making its way to stores this fall on PC and Mac. The latest 18+ rating given by the Russian government to the game for its mature adult content and same sex relationships confirms that there is indeed a release date around the corner. The rating is similar to the Mature or M rating used in the USA which bans any retailer from selling the game to minors who are aged below eighteen years.

Rated M, Not Suitable For Kids

While it is a real life simulator which hardly contains any gore, violence or explicit sexual content, the game is expected to undergo drastic changes in the new version to cope up with global perspective on culture and relationships. This may have prompted the developers to add stuff like same sex relationships which is commonly found across the globe and is fast developing to become a cultural change which the society has learned to accept without complaining. But, Russia believes that it is their duty to protect their generation and the On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development law passed in 2010 is designed to safeguard the young ones. They believe that by prohibiting content such as gay will secure their mind from being corrupted because of which this rating has been given.

The information related to the rating on the Sims 4 was revealed by the representatives on their Russian Twitter account. The game cannot be rated until EA or Maxis submitted it for certification with a possible release date ahead. It has already been confirmed by the producer in her tweet that the game is all set to be shown during the upcoming E3 2014 event. Visitors of the Electronic Entertainment Expo has huge possibilities of having a chance to play the game on the show floor which will be the first look into the most anticipated games of all time.

E3 Should Reveal More

The Sims 3 got released years ago and it is quite a delay that EA had before they got the new title ready. It is being anticipated that the new game is much more refined and high in terms of visual treat. The graphical capability of computers has evolved a lot in the past few years since Sims 3 got released, which demands the new one to look more realistic, with plenty of features to look out for and a refined gaming experience. EA in their statement confirmed that the Sims 4 will not be modified to be released in Russia with this new rule as they are looking forward to delivering a sandbox experience which is supposed to let players make the decision. The company will not alter the game before bringing it out to the gamers which will defy its purpose.

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