Tesco Hudl 2 Smartphone – Rival of Samsung Galaxy S5

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After the phenomenal success of Tesco Hudl tablet, Tesco is now all set to launch a Smartphone in the circuit too. A new mobile is expected to be launched by Tesco in this year. The company received an extremely positive response after it managed to sell nearly half million units for its first debut tablet that was launched back in 2013.

As per rumors, the Smartphone that will be released by Tesco is going to compete with the leading model Samsung galaxy S5. This company managed to put the pressure on some of the big names because the tablet offered stunning specifications and that too at an extremely affordable price.

This new Smartphone by Tesco will come bundled with a wide array of Tesco services as you will have the option of using Blinkbox video streaming and even the Tesco shopping services as well. Tesco is also about to launch a banking section and thus the Smartphone will most probably allow you to use the banking services too.

With this Smartphone, Tesco is looking to further mobilize all its services. Right now, we do not have any concrete details regarding what this Smartphone is going to offer and the exact specifications. However, the company seems to have generated the right buzz among users by announcing that an Android Smartphone is about to be launched.

What are The Odds of Success?

2014 is going to be one of the biggest years as far as mobile phones are concerned. Some of the big launches are Nexus 6 by Google, iPhone 6 by Apple, HTC One (M8) prime and a wide array of other phones as well. It is going to be immensely hard to compete with such big names. However, Tesco is hopeful that just like last year, it will once again succeed in competing with the industry giants.

One of the most successful strategies used by Tesco is to opt for the killing blend of smart specifications and right price. The strategy of price erosion often plays the trick and this time too, it is hoping to rely upon its trump card.

Tesco has singled out Galaxy S5 as its major competitors. We are all aware of the kind of high-end specifications that Galaxy S5 has to offer and this is why you can expect Tesco Hudl 2 Smartphone to come packed with some seriously impressive features.

This UK brand is known for packing impressive hardware in its model and so the CPU, RAM and other technical details should be good. We have to wait for the formal release of the specifications to get a clear idea of whether or not Tesco Hudl 2 Smartphone will be able to give Galaxy S5 a run for its money.

There is still some time before it happens. However, if we look at how impressive the tablet was and the number of products that was sold, you are likely to be impressed by the performance of this company. We have to wait till the official launch to judge if Tesco manages to beat Samsung or does it falter in this race.

Samsung Galaxy 5 is one of the smartest and the top launches by Samsung and in order to match up to the specifications, Tesco will have to really work hard. Not only will the processors have to be quick, but the display, clarity and the camera needs to be top-notch as well.

The pricing will definitely play a great role and if Tesco manages to launch the Smartphone at extremely reduced price, it might end up giving galaxy S5 stiff run for its money.

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