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Temple Run is a game that has been designed for Android devices, but the good news is that you can also play the game now on your PC.

The game consists of endless running, so get a clear overview of the game before you download the free game on your PC and start playing on your big screen. If you don’t have an expensive mobile phone or an Android device, it does not matter any more, as you can download the free game on your desktop and play it.


The basic objective of the game is to run endlessly and protect you from the evil monkeys. As you run, there are many obstacles on the way, such as tree roots and gargoyles that breathe fire and also the breaks on the surface. If you want to protect yourself, you will have to jump and swipe and tilt or slide the device in order to run endlessly and avoid obstacles. The game also has a store, where you can buy power-ups and wallpapers as well as characters and utilities with coins that you collect while playing. You can choose from among various characters by unlocking them and you can do this by grabbing more coins in the game.

The size of the game is about 23 MB to 32 MB, so if you really want to enjoy this game, you need a space of 512 MB on your device. There are three versions of this game, the Temple Run, which is the original, the Temple Run 2 and the Temple Run Oz as well as the Temple Run Brave.

Temple Run 2

This is the sequel to the Temple Run original and is the second version of this endless running game. The objective of this version is the same as the original, but the obstacles in the path of the runner are slightly different. You will find obstacles, such as mine tracks and waterfalls as well as fire jets and sharper turns. The power-ups offered are also new and these can help you protect yourself. You can also use green gems while running or even purchase them with real money online. The background location of Temple Run 2 is different from the original one and the character is also enabled to run much faster. There are various characters added to this version, such as Scarlett Fox and Barry Bones as well as Karma Lee and Guy Dangerous. Green gems in this version will help you to resurrect yourself immediately, without losing any points. The power-up feature is in the form of a powerful magnet that helps attract coins towards the player and the boosters propel the runner forward at a super speed.

Temple Run Oz

This is also very similar to the Temple Run 2, but there is an addition of the player seated in a hot air balloon. The Dark Forest is also another expansion that you can download from the game. The character in this version is Oscar Diggs and you have to run on the Yellow Brick road and even off it. Obstacles present are in the form of tree roots and rubble and you will find winged Baboons trying to seize you and must duck under them. At one point, Oz gets on the hot air balloon and then flies through clouds and later returns downwards. The power-ups in this version can enhance your performance. The high score list is offered as a feature that can help you to compete against other friends and help you check out the best scores. The Free Gratis feature enables you to download games for money. There are features of customization in this version, where you can create the dark forest world. Here you will see the screen getting brighter slowly and then view coins as they appear in front you, till the screen becomes completely white.

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