Temple Run 2 vs Subway Surfers Free Download – Which is the Best?

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Both Temple Run 2 and the Subway Surfers are two most popular games played on mobile devices, with Temple Run being released first on the iOS.

Both the games offer a lot of fun and excitement and selecting one of these games, as the better one is quite a difficult task and a matter of personal preferences and opinion.

Some Similar Features

Both the Temple Run 2 and the Subway Surfers are games that have been developed for the iOS and the Android platforms. However, Subway Surfers will need the newest version of iOS, with 5.0 or later versions, whereas Temple Run 2 can still be played with the 4.3 version. In addition, where Android devices are concerned, Subway Surfers will need a recent version of 2.3.3 Gingerbread, whereas Temple Run 2 can be run on the 2.1 version of Android. However, both the games have similar system requirements.

Both the games are of the same genre of the endless runner and are created for single playing. The goal of both these games is almost similar, where the player has to keep running and protect himself from dying. On the way, he has to face several obstacles and defeat them. Both the games also feature several things that can be collected on the way, in the form of gems or powerups and coins and so on. Both these games have to be played on a touchscreen device and you cannot play both these games on Facebook.

Graphics – Subway Surfers is Better

Though we have seen the above similarities between the two games, there are certain features that distinguish them and appeal to certain people. As far as visuals are concerned, Subway Surfers seems to be a little superior, as it as some very appealing graphics. However, Temple Run 2 is also good in graphics, but the developers of Subway Surfers have paid a lot of attention to minor details. For instance, the character flying into the camera and sliding upon a train is very appealing.

Gameplay – Temple Run 2 Scores

Though the gameplay of both these mobile games is almost similar, Temple Run 2 offers superior powerups as well as upgrades. The game play or experience is exciting in both, but the missions or the objectives set out in Temple Run 2 are rather straightforward, which might be more appealing to some players. Players who prefer a more complex gameplay might prefer Subway Surfers, which offers a different approach with several directions for the completion of a mission. The accomplishment of a mission is better built up in Subway Surfers, but both of them offer exciting missions, so it is a matter of personal opinion for players preferring one gameplay to the other.

Characters – Both are Comparable

Both the games offer great characters that are accessible in a very similar manner, though the characters are available in differing prices. For instance, the characters to be purchased in Subway Surfers are rather on the expensive side. Prince K could cost you about a million coins, whereas the maximum you would have to pay for a character in Temple Run 2 would be about 25 million coins. Subway Surfers also offers the option of unlocking additional characters through the mystery boxes, which can be quite challenging to play and achieve. It seems very obvious that Subway Surfers is making it difficult for players to access certain characters and advance to higher levels, unless they are ready to pay up and buy them with real money.

Which Game is Preferable?

As stated before, it is a matter of personal choice, but Temple Run 2 seems to be the more popular game. Both the games are addictive as well as enjoyable and though Temple Run 2 is more popular, Subway Surfers is surely more enjoyable. Many players have opted to play both these games, so it is not necessary to choose just one of them.

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