Take Two Confirms Rockstar’s Next Project – Could It Be GTA 5?

While some may not immediately agree with it, a game that has been designed to be run on consoles that are over seven years old has to be modified a lot before it can run on next gen consoles and the latest powerful PC gaming rigs.

It is a given that GTA 5 has to be brought down in terms of graphics, quality, map size among everything else to make it run on PS3 and Xbox 360. If that is the case, then the developers definitely have lots to work on and it could very well be called as a new game under development. Take Two, the parent company of Rockstar reported their profit for the fiscal year of 2013 which seems to be on a great run because of the huge success the game achieved so far. It got released in September and made over one billion dollars in profit only from the older generation consoles.

No E3 Confirmation Yet

The title has got huge potential if and when it makes its way to the next gen consoles as well as the PC platform. Speaking during the press conference, the director of the company said that they are excited to see the game line up that Rockstar has for the upcoming year of 2015 which definitely looks promising and the company will reveal it when the right time comes. They didn’t mention whether Rockstar will be there at the E3 conference or not to show off a new IP or anything interesting about the Grand Theft Auto series. Until a formal announcement is made, one cannot be sure.

High Life Is Amazing

Meanwhile, the company has officially unveiled the release notes for GTA 5 High Life update which looks rather promising. The list is seriously huge and players will have a hard time coping up with all the amazing features that the developers have added. The important one is that there will be five new luxury apartments to purchase and own. All the speculated content including a bull up rifle, four new vehicles and non-contact races has been added as well. The Mental State stat is very detailed which allows players to estimate the hostility level of another player based on their erratic behavior in the past and the number of pedestrians they have killed so far.

If you or someone else is going too psychotic all the time by killing and behaving brutal, then the matchmaking system will mark your activities. When it comes to choosing players for you in free mode sessions, the system will automatically pit you against other hostile players that add a new level of difficulty to the game. The update adds ten new vehicles to the single player missions and there are new player toasts as well as celebrations to make use of when cheering up. A range of new clothing accessories has been introduced, including porter jacket, shoes, and vests among many others. The taunts are definitely interesting with a face palm, slow clap among many others. There are over two dozen important updates and a big bunch of content, bug fixes included in the release.

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