Surface Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 3 – Pricing and Specifications Comparison

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Microsoft introduced the much pricier versions of the surface tablets in the hope of bridging the gap between the tablet and a laptop.

The Surface Pro 2 was promoted with the sole intention of being a laptop replacement. The device had everything that was expected from a laptop apart from a few missing elements like the DVD drive and a large display. The Surface Pro 3, which was launched only yesterday, seems to come around the problems that hindered the Surface Pro 2 from becoming a major sales hit.


Microsoft has done exceedingly well in order to retain the tablet form factor in the Surface Pro 2, which is impressive considering that the device features an Intel processor. The cooling vents for the device run across the sides, but they are barely noticeable and they also emit less heat than a conventional laptop. At 10.1 mm, the Surface Pro 2 was an extremely thin device, although it was not comparable with the likes of the iPad. This was largely due to the retractable stand, which made it possible for the device to be used as a laptop.

There have been several modifications made with the design of the tablet. This is largely in the stand, which is now able to almost provide just a small raise for the tablet. The keyboard cover, which was also a unique aspect of the device, has also been improved with a much better touch interface. This was heavily criticized aspect of the Surface Pro 2 since the touchpad did not offer free movements like a conventional laptop.

Processing Speed

The cheaper versions of the Surface Pro 2 came with an i5 processor from the Intel range, while this was also the maximum one could get in terms of processors. The Surface Pro 3, however, offers different solutions, which also helped it to be priced more aggressively, for every need. The basic version of the tablet that comes with the i3 range of processors, which are the start of the Intel range, while the top end tablets feature the i7 processor, which promises exhilarating performance figures.

Improved Stylus Support

The Surface Pro 2 already featured one of the best applications of stylus on a Tablet PC since it almost helped make this device as a normal paper. The Surface Pro 3 features a stylus that comes with the clickable button at the top, which will help immediately open applications like Microsoft’s OneNote. The display has the ability to disregard any touches from the palm, which means that one can rest the palm on the tablet and write as if writing on a paper.

Battery Life

Microsoft claims that it has made the battery life of the device even better partly by going for a slightly bigger battery and also by optimizing the operating system. It says that the Surface Pro 3 can handle up to 9 hours of web browsing, which is same as that of the Surface Pro 2.

The prices of the Surface Pro 3 have been slashed to $ 799 for the i3 variant while the Surface Pro 2 starts at $ 899.

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