Subway Surfers vs Temple Run 2 – New Features and a Comparison

Subway Surfers has added a new city to its gameplay.

The recent release of the game saw the company add themes and characters related to Vancouver to the game. sThe gameplay, which happens exclusively on the railway lines, has managed to remain popular due to the addition of new characters.

The latest character added is called as Olivia. She is a girl scout whose hobbies include train painting and exploring the city of Vancouver. Players can also try to win or purchase a new stake-board which has a moose theme complete with the horns.

This is a continuation of the World Tour series. Some of the other cities already released include Rio-Di-Janeiro, Tokyo, New York and London. The game continues to be one of the hottest selling titles across all platforms.

A comparison with Temple Run 2

One game which continues to challenge its popularity is Temple Run 2. Both the games have the same controls. Gamers have to jump, go under or slide to avoid obstacles. But if you look at the Temple 2 Gameplay, you have to contend with making sharp turns and deal with a terrain which is made up of rocks and stones. Additionally, the device has to be in constant movement to keep the character moving.

In contrast, the Subway Surfers gameplay is much simpler. Using the same motions, you have to navigate through trains and obstacles. Since the location is on the rail tracks, it allows the gamer much more freedom to navigate.

If you compare the visuals used in both the games, then Temple Run 2 has a movie feel to it. The gamer has to navigate ruins in a South American jungle. Keeping with the theme, the developers have also created monsters that are very much realistic to look at. In Subway Surfers, the visual is cartoon based. The characters and the obstacles stick to this theme without fail. The cop who chases the gamer is also not as intimidating as the Temple Run monsters.
In the final comparison, Temple Run 2 edges out Subway Surfers in the visual aspect. However, with regards to gameplay, it depends on an individual’s choice. If the gamer is looking for an easy gameplay, then Subway Surfers should be the choice. On the other hand, those gamers who love the thrill of difficult gameplay should opt for Temple Run 2.

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