Subway Surfers – Tips on Completing Daily Challenges

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Subway Surfers is a dash and dodge game, which has a lot going on for it.

While you are running around, dodging obstacles and making sure that you collect everything that you see around you – coins, extras, and power ups. However, apart from the regular gameplay, you can also add a little spice to your game by completing the daily challenges that the game throws at you. These challenges change every day, and bring you many cool rewards.

What is the Daily Challenge?

Daily Challenges are simple enough. All you have to do is to collect alphabets while you are dashing and dodging, to make the word of the day. These letters are scattered all through the subways and you have to find them and complete the challenge. It does not matter if you do not find the letters in the correct alphabetical order. If you have all the letters to spell out the designated word, you have already won the challenge.

How are the Rewards?

When you complete a daily challenge, you get different kinds of rewards, depending on how long you have been at the game. For instance, completing a challenge on the first day brings you 500 coins. If you complete the challenge on 2, 3, 4 and 5 consecutive days, you will get 750 coins, 1050 coins, 1500 coins and a super mystery box respectively. After 5 days, for playing every extra day, you will get a super mystery box. However, if you break the challenge by not playing it on any one day, the count will begin from zero.

More about the Daily Challenge

The daily challenge is optional. You may choose not to complete the challenge, but then you will also not be able to find any power-ups. Unless you find all the letters, the only power up you will be able to find during the game, is the power jumper. The letters are very easy to collect, and can be collected just like coins and power-ups – by jumping over them while you are wearing your super sneakers. However, you will not be able to absorb these alphabets using a coin magnet. The daily challenge is refreshed every day, and you would need an active connection to be able to play it. All the words formed by the letters, are somehow connected to the game, and so you cannot really miss it.

What is the super Mystery Box?

Playing the daily challenge for more than 5 consecutive days brings you a super mystery box, which contains a lot of nifty rewards. It cannot be collected or bought from the store. However, you can also get it if you finish the weekly hunt of complete a whole mission set, with an X30 multiplier. It is a better version of your regular mystery box and unlocking it can really bring a wide smile on your face. You may win up to 50,000 coins, keys, hover boards, mega head starts, and a lot more when you unlock the box.

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